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Syeda Asia BatoolSyeda Asia Batool Staff asked 2 years ago

How we can make a team???

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Olugbenga Ayo OjubanireOlugbenga Ayo Ojubanire Staff answered 2 years ago

Team building is an interesting and very important aspect of business success.

To build a team for your business, here are my little pieces of advice:

  1. be clear about your business idea and business goals – know exactly what you are doing or trying to do. This will help you to identify the skill needs of the business and you can create your human resource management plan. More practically, ask yourself these questions: what are we doing? What can we do or what can I do right now? What else do we need to do? what skills are required to get it done?
  2. review your HR plan – After identifying the skill needs of your business, do a quick review. Do I need this skill at this time in the business or it is just a want? This is to identify REAL needs from just emotional desires. 
  3. Determine HR engagement – to meet each skill needs, you need team members, therefore, be very clear on what each person is expected to bring to the table. This will help your profile the ideal candidate and also draw up the terms of engagement for each role.
  4. Acquisition and management – how do you get the right person for the job? From your network, recruitment sites, friends etc. Once you decide that, create a plan to drive team cohesion through standard orientation and onboarding. This ensures that everyone knows what the business is about and how to contribute.
  5. Review as you go – not all skills are required forever, onboarding and deboarding is necessary. Some adjustments will be necessary as the business evolves, be quick to identify this and get your team to evolve with it.

I hope this is helpful.

Austin EneanyaAustin Eneanya Staff answered 1 year ago

How you can make a team, you can start by

  • Understanding the business you are currently doing
  • Identify the skill set you want to add to the team
  • Poach the prospective people that have the prospective skillset by first trying to establish familiarity first before dropping the ball

Note: the person you are approaching doesn’t know you. So you must really have a persuasive and convincing pitch to even get the attention of the person

  • You must understand the psychology of the person you are talking to (Employee mindset or Entrepreneurship mindset).
  • Create a win/win offer but don’t emphasize the offer if the person has an entrepreneurship mindset. Focus on the dream but mention the offer
  • Create a win/win offer if he has an employee mindset, he won’t care about your dream, The interest will be in the offer. So come up with a powerful offer while highlighting the dream/the future but the emphasis is on the offer, not the dream.
  • Once determine pitch your business to the person, don’t forget that you only have one opportunity to get it right. If you screw it up, you may never get another chance to redeem yourself. So sell the good stuff.

If you want to sell the dream, you can follow this strategy
Using Brand Approach:

  • Sell the future of the business,
  • Sell the vision the business is keen on achieving.
  • Excite them about what they stand to gain out of your deal

Product Service Approach

  • Inspire them about the offer
  • Engage them by building interest in the offer as to why they should follow you

Personal Invite Approach

  • Avoid Lying about the offer
  • State why you are selecting them

Unique Advantage Approach
Sell the size of the market and why if they take the offer they will join the next big thing.
Once you follow this approach, you should be able to get a few persons that will join the team