What is Savvy?

It’s no news that every day, I love sharing with others what I’ve learned from my experience as an entrepreneur, and Savvy is just an extension of that personal journey of sharing for me. Savvy is [a 12-week-long] virtual fellowship program that runs [throughout the year].

Some of the things you’ll learn as a Savvy Fellow include fundraising for your business, building the right team to execute your business strategies, building buzz around your product or service, achieving product-market fit, scaling into new markets and verticals, and building customer loyalty and retention.

— Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder at Savvy

Our Mission

To train at least 100,000 passionate individuals from 195 countries, by 2030, to build successful impact-driven businesses—providing employment to others, creating wealth for themselves, and improving the economy of their nations.

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The 6 building blocks of Savvy.

“Once a Savvy Fellow, always a Savvy Fellow.”
Savvy Fellowship isn’t just a 12-week learning, assessment, and mentorship program. No, it’s much more. It’s a life-long journey as an impact entrepreneur. We have Post Fellowship resources to keep you growing every day.




Savvy Fellowship kicks off with a rigorous 12-weeks e-learning experience. As a Savvy Fellow, you will get to learn everything from ideation to scaling. Some of the things you’ll learn during the program are ‘understanding your customer’, ‘building a product or service that effectively solves their key challenges’, and ‘effectively positioning your solution in the market.’




During the 12 weeks of learning, unlearning, and relearning, you can test your understanding by taking our weekly quizzes. The quizzes are a combination of multiple choices, Yes or No, and True or False. Assessments are the best way to identify your strengths and areas of weakness. Knowing your weaknesses helps you work effectively on them.


Peer Mentorship


Due to a limited number of expert mentors within the Savvy community, we have introduced peer-to-peer mentorship, which we have found very effective over the years. Our motto at Savvy is: “Be Your Fellow’s Keeper.” So, since all Savvy Fellows don’t have the same level of experience, more experienced and knowledgeable Fellows will help guide the others.


Expert Mentorship


A select few Savvy Fellows will get weekly expert mentorship from renowned experts in their various industries. The selection will be based on how well a Fellow can demonstrate their need for expert mentorship, and how they will effectively transform all their learnings into a meaningful and measurable societal change within a specified period of time.




After 12 weeks of learning, assessment, and mentorship, you’ll still find the Savvy platform useful as we have more learning modules on Business Communications and Product Design under the ‘Post Fellowship’ tab. Also, we constantly share articles on entrepreneurship, so your Savvy Fellowship account will be useful even after you complete the 12-week virtual Fellowship program.




After 12 weeks, you’re able to request a Certificate of Completion to proudly share with your professional network. Fellows whose accounts are up to 12 weeks old are able to request a Certificate of Completion for the Savvy Fellowship program, via the ‘Account’ tab. Accounts that are less than 12 weeks are by default unable to request a Certificate.