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sinachi ajuziesinachi ajuzie Staff asked 2 years ago

How is a customer to be approached, when onboarding for the first time, direct contact, email, or text?

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Austin EneanyaAustin Eneanya Staff answered 1 year ago

Onboarding your first customer is different from approaching them for the very first time. The first approach is dependent on where you are searching for the customer in the first place. There is no right or wrong approach.
Note: where your customer meets you for the first time has a great role to play as to if they will take you seriously or discard whatever it is you are offering. I think it is a combination of all 3 depending on your business type.
First of all, you meet them through direct contact and then make your pitch to them after which you follow up via email to continue the conversation there. Then you finalize it with a call to action either through text or through email depending on the. 
Or it could be the other way around text first -> Direct Contact -> Email last or Email First -> Direct Contact -> Text last as a follow-up. As I said It all depends on what industry you are in or what you are selling.