Peer MentorshipCategory: Your Revenue ModelHow to know my core skill I can use to start my own freelance or entrepreneurship
PRATIK JHAPRATIK JHA asked 3 years ago
  1. As a transportation planner student I want along with study to earn money 
1 Answers
Peter OkoloPeter Okolo Staff answered 3 years ago

In order to know your core skill(s) that will aid you in venturing into your own freelance or entrepreneurship, begin by asking yourself the following questions:
1. What activity do you drive joy and fulfilment doing?
2. How often have you received feedback and what was your feeling upon receipt of such?
3. Do you encounter much stress and expanded a considerable amount of time resolving such task with ease or difficulty
4. Would you volunteer to do such activity when called upon at any point in time?
5. What’s your driving force in solving a need and how do you feel if such task is pending or unresolved?

I hope the aforementioned points will guide you in identifying your core skill(s).