What’s the name of your project?
BYLI Science and Innovation Challenge
What problem are you solving with your project?
The unequal dispersion of access to technological and scientific skills approaches to problem-solving and education to science students in marginalized high schools. We also tackle the lack of confidence children in these communities have in their dreams and what lies beyond their dwellings.
How does your project adequately solve this problem?
We host an event that connects these like-minded students; mentor and prepare them to present world-recognized projects for prizes in various categories. We also ensure that their projects follow a guideline that is able to ensure that they solve problems in their communities and also get them international recognition and opportunity. We are starting a revolution and conversation about marginalized communities and their foreshadowed impact on society and the world. Our project gives these students access to resources they never dreamed of ever having, access to a team of devout mentors and leaders, and access to world-ranked strategies and methods to give them a shot to grow their ideas and the means to continue to monitor and evaluate the idea’s growth.
What groups of people will benefit from your project?
Firstly, high-school students in marginalized communities, their parents and guardians, community members and science and technology enthusiasts, and those willing and interested in learning.
How do you intend to generate revenue in order to become sustainable?
We wish to make new and stronger relationships with donors, community leaders, nominated schools, and other potential stakeholders. Maintaining such relationships means that we will always know the safety of our project revenue and just work on extras that we will be able to pull out of our own pockets and successful fundraising ventures. We are always looking for ways to make new relationships and also using all the resources in our grasp to make a success out of our work.
What makes your project unique or better than other projects solving this problem?
We are growth-centered, meaning that we don’t work with the same people over and over and monitor the impact our cohort alumni have in their communities. We also work to make the impact notable by running campaigns to benefit the community as best as we can. Our work is in line with sustainable development goal 4 among others wherein education is not only made accessible and equal but extensive in themes such as climate change, recycling, gender equality, and existential growth beyond borders. We are an inclusive and goal-oriented organization.
What strategies will you adopt to scale the impact of your project in the future?
This year we aim to involve our local radio stations in terms of marketing the project and our various campaigns. We also want to maximize our social footprint, attend and host events, seminars, and online expos or information sessions so that we have a greater sphere of access and impact in Thohoyandou and then grow from there.
What impact does your project have on your community, region, country, or the world?
It grows the confidence of the people and shows that with science and technology and access to resources, change is possible, and problems can be solved. I am confident that it put the people, especially the youth (students) of these communities out into the world. It breaks open the shell and fear of being changemakers and gives them opportunities to grow and network on the same playing field that other privileged youths have access to, where is the equality there?
What makes you the right person or team to solve this problem?
As Bright Young Leaders Initiative (BYLI) we are selfless, and care about making education accessible to all because it was never easy for each of us to grow the way we have in our different fields and journeys. We never had people hold our hands through the rough days and want to change the narrative and hold the hands of people that are side-lined and aren’t significantly recognized by society and bring them into the right spaces, into rooms with the right people and give them access to resources they can hopefully use for their personal growth in order to also help others. Our promise is to always be there, there as mentors and as siblings so we can see them through any challenges they may endure in.
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