“Entrepreneurs, innovators, and individuals with great ideas find it very difficult to raise the funding necessary to take their projects from ideation to traction. Also, people from Africa, equally find it difficult to sell their digital assets due to financial trust issues,” Afolabi Kehinde, a Nigerian entrepreneur, told Savvy.

Afolabi Kehinde, a copywriter, entrepreneur, educator, and agriculturist, is building Empeak, a digital platform that helps people, entrepreneurs, and innovators with great ideas, raise funds via crowdfunding, to take their projects from ideation to traction and help Africans sell their digital assets online.

By helping small businesses raise funding to scale, we are reducing unemployment as these business owners create more jobs for their communities.

Afolabi Kehinde

When asked how he intends to generate revenue in order to become sustainable, Afolabi said, “We charge three percent of every sale made and money raised on Empeak. We also make money from premium packages and via sponsored ads, where users, for a fee, are allowed to showcase their projects on our front page.”

Designed for entrepreneurs, developers, and innovators, Empeak is a crowdfunding platform and private marketplace for buying and selling digital assets. “We understand the problem, because we have been there before, plus we have the right team with the right vision to make this work,” Afolabi said.