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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

I'm a Laundrer.
I'm currently the executuve director of Base Cleaners, Osogbo.

I am hard hearing person.that is why I wear hearing aids.I had six surgeries on both ears.

I have my University education in Nigeria in Religious Studies and I have a government registered business outfit known as ANEMIN ASSOCIATES. I am passionate knowledge acquisition.

An ambitious engineer determined to harness all my feelings and responsibility for the success of my work in my sector and to be one of the influential entrepreneurs

I am a 23 year old entrepreneur with a Masrer's degree in audit and management control. I currently work as CEO of a young exchange facilitation agency around the world.

My name is Boga Benjamin, I'm passionate about agriculture, food security and entrpeunaship in agriculture.

Je suis Ange Ano ZINSOU titulaire d'un Master en protection des végétaux et de l'environnement. Je suis passionné par l'agriculture.

Assistante de Diection avec 5 ans d 'expérience, je souhaiterais avoir plus de connaissance sur ce sujet.

Oyebisi Ogunsemoyin hails from Ekiti State and She had her primary and secondary education in Ogun state before proceeding to Ekiti for her University education.

je suis chargé d'affaires dans une structure évoluant dans la fibre optique

I like designing clothes

I studied geological engineering, but I'm more engaged in IT these days. I occasionally have to remind my bosses that I am also a geologist.

A freelance consultant in agri-allied and education sectors and rearing black soldier fly for bioconversion of food waste to produce animal feed and fertilizer.

Fort Garlic Farm is a customer focused company and undertakes commercial organic garlic growing. In Uganda we import 99.9%.Garlic. China dominates 99% of all Africa garlic market

I have a Bachelor's degree in agribusiness management and have 2 years experience working as an agribusiness project officer. I am involved in soy bean seed production.

I hold a bachelors degree in Social Work. Currently working as a Media, Monitoring and Evaluation officer at Rhema institute for Development. I sell electronics and chocolate.

My name is Godwin Prince Chinweotuto, a student of Abia State Polytechnic Aba. Studying Computer science.
I am good, humble and jovial.

Graduated top of my class from University of Abuja, studied Bsc ed environmental with 10 years of professional experience in humanitarian/social services business mgt/consulting

I am Kakooza Emmanuel, founder and C.E.O of Kakooza Nutrition Solutions; and a Consultant Nutritionist Dietitian, with specialty in nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics.

Maryam Bello is a STEM enthusiast, and is passionate about making an impact amongst underrepresented groups, and targets teenagers and youths.

Observateur des problèmes autour de moi, je suis un aspirant entrepreneur qui lutte pour réunir le nécessaire afin d'apporter des solutions innovantes à ma communauté

I am Nihad Mammadli from Azerbaijan currently studying at Ankara University as a Politics and Economics major.

Hephzibah ijeje
an economics student studying in the university of port harcourt
entrepreneur and co-founder of recyclift

I am studying in Information system at University Hamburg, Germany. Besides, I work parttime as a software engineer and volunteer as vice president in AIESEC in Hamburg.

My name is Dorji Tshering from Bhutan. I have done my graduate in civil engineering in the year 2019. Currently m working as trainer for entrepreneur

Je suis né au Sénégal et je suis entrepreneur

Married and has 06 children, I have a graduate in science and technology of the sea and the coast. I have 18 years of experience.

I am a proudly dyslexic person that thinks out of the box. Always looking for "fixing" ideas to local problems. I love sports, reading, playing music, and enjoying nature.

I have study law at university and achieve a master degree. now I work has a jurist in a law office in Côte d'Ivoire.

I am a project management professional interested in using social innovation to create social impact through social entrepreneurship. I value excellence, teamwork and integrity.

I am a creative and a content creator , I love learning new things and very innovative solutions. I am also a fast follower.

My name is Chizoba Nzeakor, I am a renewable energy enthusiast, I am ambitious and driven, i thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself

I cofund TERRA VERDE a venture thtat offers products and information that help peoplle reduce their plastic consumption.

I am enthusiastic about learning and gaining more knowledge to help me build my career. I love poetry, oral storytelling, creative writing and adventures.

My name is Victor Amukena Sitwala from Zambia.Iam an Entrepreneur who is into retail trading business,the business I have been running for seven years now.

Coming from a family with politics and business background, I have keen interest in applying the realms of my major psychology in business and everyday political world.

I am currently a student ,but I desire to learn to become an entrepreneur who can lead, devote and inspire young generations and people around me.

I am an IT Personell education background who is inspiring to venture into Entrepreneurship. I would like to have a understanding .

Hola, soy Bachiller en ingeniería civil, vivo en Puno Perú, me gustaría tener su apoyo para poder iniciar con un negocio.

Andsen Banda is a graduate from university of Malawi. His 4 year training has prepared him with wide knowledge of Development and communication.

My name is Ejimofor Ann.I live in Lagos Nigeria.I am 32years old.A graduate of Babcock University in International Law and Diplomacy.I have my own start up business.

My name is Owolabi Iyanu Segun. I have worked mostly in Business Development. My sole purpose for putting my efforts to work is to ensure customer gets good service.

I am a volunteer at heart, a writer, a lover of meaningful conversations, and an entrepreneur in training with a focus on solving the problems I am most passionate about.

I currently own a live farm on zero grazing dealing in sale of piglets. I intend to start animals feeds processing unit.

I'm Adeyemi oluwatunmise. I'm a female Nigerian, average in height and I'm an undergraduate at the University of Lagos. I love discovering and I'm honest in everything I do

I'm a Mechatronics engineering student at AFIT passionate about smart things and innovation. When I'm not doing academic work or personal projects I love using design tools.

Boniface is a bachelor of commerce student at Kca University in Nairobi, Kenya. A business enthusiast and a techpreneuer.

Am callled Ayanle a civil engineer cureently enthusiatic in busisiens, innovation and enterpreneship.

I am a you entrepreneur who intend to solve problems in my field of specification.

Palakh Khanna is a 19-year-old Social Entrepreneur, Youth Changemaker, mentor, teacher, Harvard Innovation fellow, environmentalist and a World Record holder.

Transforming community has always been my dream. Ailing from a humble background, I have a passion for CREATING LASTING SOLUTIONS TO POVERTY, IGNORANCE AND SOCIAL INJUSTICES.

Baraka is a development professional with over twelve (12) years of experience in non-profit management, business development, and capacity building in Tanzania.

I am Abdullah Arshad final year student of Chemical engineering at UET, Peshawar. I am a highly motivated, vigilant, and hardworking individual.

I'm undergraduate student, studying actuarial science. I have interest in creating something to tackle climatic change and poverty in my community.

I am MUHAMMAD MUHAMMAD ALIYU born 16/03/1997 in Kano, Nigeria. I graduated with a Second Class; Upper Division from the department of Civil Engineering.

Am passionate, proactive , vigilant and passionate

I am a graduate of Geology. I also have background ( work experience, training & volunteerism) in the Aid ( development & humanitarian) sector.

I am an entrepreneur, a software engineer, and a software fanatic. I love writing code, learning new skills and I'm always open to new knowledge

I have experience in the profit and nonprofit sector. I own a snail and fish farm with the name Prestantia Resources.

I am Ebrima Sise from the Gambia. I have a degree in Computer Science and have been working as a remote software developer for a company in Sweden for the past six years.

I am a journalist by profession,a graduate of Mass Communication from Harare Polytechnic.I have also read for Social Studies and Counselling and Development Communication.

My name is Ebrima Sise from The Gambia. I majored in Computer Science at university and have been working as a software developer for a company in Sweden for the past six years.

Engule Bern here in Uganda Africa. With working experience in logistics, marketing, agriculture monitoring and evaluation, crop value and supply chain

I'm a consultant, sales Professional having 13+ years of experience in different national and international MNC. Looking forward to grow my Syart Up from scratch to the top!

I graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in Economics and Statistics. I have worked with many startups and I am working hard towards my own startup this year.

Alfred Kollie a Liberian and a local Journalist

I'm a midwife with more than 9 year working experience with Non-governmental Organization. I'm also the Founder and the Executive Director of SMaNCH Foundation

I am Louisa Abayie a young Ghanaian Entrepreneur with great ideas to help the youth. Find opportunities and help them through it, and also very keen about supporting the SDG goals.

I am a Congolese refugee residing in Kenya for more than 10 years.

I am studying a degree in Global Challenges because I am passionate about solving them. I am social, humorous, kind but a little bit impatient.

i'm 20 years old, CEO of msaada services and discover trace services
i live in DRC a young entrepreneur
i have a high school diploma

Morolake J. Adeagbo is a self-driven, stubborn optimist who believes the world desperately needs her expertise and passion to feed its inhabitants through farming.

I am a mid-level business professional in HR, Finance and Business Analysis. My next step in life is to help companies improve their recruitment process through my startup.

Hi Good day,
I'm a young entrepreneur/webdeveloper who's passionate about empowering the lower class of society by leveraging on technology.

I am a medical Doctor with a 3 years working experience,who is passionate about business and desire to start up a business in the health sector.

I am social entrepreneur, researcher, mentor, Innovator and senior internal auditor. I developed various social startups concepts that has been appreciated globally

I am passionate about Climate change by recycling waste into an eco-friendly products.l support sustainable development goals in other for the word to live an healthy environment.

I am a young business leader that has a passion for ending malnutrition. I am the CEO and Founder of Fredsul Limited, a company driven to end malnutrition in Sierra Leone.

My name is Valentine Akinbogun, a graduate of Crop science from the Federal University of technology Akure, a goal driven entrepreneur and a goal getter

My name is Lugendo Goda.I use Aquaponics farming system as a new way to secure food in urban.

My name is akinbinu Tolulope. Am 24years old. Am a baker who is aspiring to become the best in my industry through the help of God.

I am a UI/UX Designer. My expertise includes mobile & web app designs, user flows, site maps, User-centered research, user personas, low & high fidelity wireframes, & Prototypes.

I'm Olufemi Christopher a Student at the Federal University of Technology Akure. I'm currently building a startup in the space of logistics.

I am an innovator based in Benin City, I am passionate about finding ways to turn waste into resource. I have a Supernova for a heart and I am a trailblazer.

I am graduate in manufacturing engineering,passionate about enterprenuership.

I like discovering new ideas and like research work like now am researching about groundnut I want to come out with new variety of groundnut that has six seeds in on pod

I am an entrepreneurial enthusiast who has engaged in computer software services. I learned relevant software for academic analysis and trained students

Born in the city of Ibadan. Victor had his first degree in Industrial Chemistry (2014), and a second degree in finance from Caleb university, Imota, Lagos State.

Dora Ngon is my name. I am passionate about Healthy living and community service.

I am a hardworking, self resilient, honest and.self made entrepreneur with an aim of inspiring others.

I am a full-stack devigner (developer-designer) and entrepreneur working towards equipping people with the necessary learning, support and opportunities to drive their own success.

I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate that's passionate about renewable energy, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

I'm a hard work, goals and principles orientation, curious to know about new things mostly technology

My name is Brodrick Favour from edo state studying mechanical engineering in Lagos state polytechnic.
I optimistic to be one of the great entrepreneur in Nigeria.

My name is Kamara Mohamed from Sierra Leone west Africa and currently I am a graduate student in information and communication technology ICT

My Name is Olugbodi Gbenga Abraham the MD/CEO of TGIC NETWORK INTEGRITY COMPANY we are into Pig and Fish farming. We are always eager to learn something new.

I'm an electrical technician, I have been working in this field for the pass 15 years, I am now in business of selling electronic spare parts.

I am someone principled and I give everything I set myself to do my very best.

My name is Adebayo Oluwadamilola Ibukunoluwa the assistant manager TGIC NETWORK INTEGRITY COMPANY; we are into Fish and pig farming

I am a life long learner with interests ranging from entrepreneurship to fashion and cosmetics.i currently intern as a designer in a fashion house.