What Chidi and the team are doing with the Savvy Fellowship Program is heartwarming. For someone like me, who is well-versed in operations and some dealings of the start-up world and businesses in general (global and national), I would say, the classes were very much informative and opened my eyes more to how to apply certain things. I learned a lot really.

Chisom Patrick (from Nigeria)

Savvy is a well-designed program for those wanting to pursue entrepreneurship in the future. It provides insights into the basic knowledge one must have to engage in entrepreneurial activities. The notes provided are brief yet give maximum knowledge and this does not even bore the learner. This is a very good platform for people to learn about entrepreneurship in their early stages.

Urwah Mansoor (from Pakistan)

Throughout the process of learning, I had a great and wonderful experience. I noted down the important points for my future reference, and I got some really good insights. I am in the process of working on my company’s mission and goal, so this helped me a lot to frame them properly. I had a fun and really good learning process. Thanks for such great insights and guidance.

Araveti Ganga Pratima (from India)

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then you need to go through the Savvy program. The curriculum is well-defined and very informative. You can work based on your availability because the lessons are split into weeks, and then you can get the opportunity to evaluate yourself by taking the assessment. I definitely recommend it to everyone who has an interest in entrepreneurship.

RODA BILAL ISMAEL (from Djibouti)

The online learning platform is very easy to navigate and to find all resources. The lessons are practical, and the follow-up assessment tests helped me understand and remember the lessons. My Savvy mentor also introduced me to growth hacking and it’s one of the best things that happened to my startup. All my expectations were truly met. Savvy is exceptional. Proud to be a Savvy Fellow!


Savvy is a great place to be if you’re starting your entrepreneurial journey. The lessons are clear and apt, and the audio makes it even more beautiful. However, it’s not only for aspiring entrepreneurs but also for early-stage entrepreneurs, because it is a masterclass. Each lesson has an assessment, which makes learning practical and evaluated.

Ogagaoghene David Gbikeke (from Nigeria)

Being a Savvy Fellow empowered me to actively become a professional. Through the Savvy program, I gained knowledge and skills on the concepts and principles of entrepreneurship, which will boost my career as an entrepreneur. I also got the privilege of having a very experienced and humble mentor during the Savvy program, who is helping and guiding me.


Well done and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this. The program is a good one and very helpful. I like the fact that it was split into weeks and not a one-phased one. I also like the fact a telegram community was created to meet, share, and network. I learned a lot in the course of the program.
Thank you very much.

Omowunmi Olawehinmi (from Nigeria)

Getting into Savvy was exciting for me. It was an avenue to learn practical ideas that promote business ideation and growth. The learning materials (videos, transcripts, and slides) were apt and straight to the point. There was continuity between the content for each successive week, making it easy to follow through. The program approach is genius. I’m glad to have been part of it.

Mascot Obasi (from Nigeria)

The program opened a lot of hidden knowledge about entrepreneurship to me. I had to get a beautiful brand-new notebook for it. It’s something one needs to read and reread once in a while and I believe anyone who followed the program duly and with perfect understanding will thrive in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Haven’t had anything like this for free. It’s value-packed.

Maryjane Ugwuanyi (from Nigeria)

It was so amazing. It talks about real-life values and includes various issues and how they need to be addressed appropriately. This program has turned out to be outstanding and brilliant. In fact, I’d recommend it to others to learn good applications of various problems as entrepreneurs. As a student, it has given me quite a broader view.

Billy Gareth (from Kenya)

I found Savvy to be a memorable learning opportunity. It is well-designed and delivered in a way that is easy to understand for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. The content is helpful in developing an understanding of the basic concepts, and everyone can benefit immensely from it irrespective of their academic or professional background. It is a wholesome learning experience.

Mashal Riaz (from Pakistan)

Before starting the fellowship, I ran a nonprofit organization, though I’ve always had the thought to build a startup product but don’t know how to. Today, I have built the MVP of my product ikarely.com, a health tech startup that allows people to get access to well-vetted licensed health professionals to deliver quality healthcare service to them at their homes, just a request away.

Tolani Odukoya (from Nigeria)

I am writing this to express my gratitude for the amazing journey I spent as a Savvy Fellow. And through this, I have come to learn so much in so little time. The content is so enriching and enlightening. I wish to continue to learn more on this path until I achieve my goals and contribute to the development of my community and country.

Nesrine Haddou (from Algeria)

The Savvy program has been an educating one for me so far. I really enjoyed every bit of each lesson coupled with the assessment tests to ensure that I know what I’m learning. I can boldly say that I learned and that my knowledge has been improved in things I did not know as a young entrepreneur before. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I do not take it for granted.


Savvy is an excellent Fellowship program. It explained and approached the subject from different angles, so you get a view of business, management, and social innovation. Such Fellowship corresponds to theories I feel will bring so much exposure. A very precise, straight-to-the-point, and much more in-depth digging into business and digital marketing.

Abdisalam Yusuf Ali (from Somalia)

The Savvy Fellowship was a huge success and progress for me, and I hope it was the same for other Fellows. With the training I received and the assessment I completed successfully, I can now write a bankable business plan, pitch my business to venture capitalists, keep accurate records of my business transactions, and more. I want to say a big thank you to the entire Savvy team.

JUMBO UCHE DANIEL (from Nigeria)

The learning experience in the Savvy program was great. The weekly learning modules are very simplified for easy understanding, which is why I consider this fellowship program to be one of my best learning experiences as an entrepreneur. The assessments captured the most important part of the lectures. Thank you to the Savvy team.


The Savvy Fellowship program is a very useful program that is tailored toward equipping budding entrepreneurs with the requisite knowledge and mentorship for doing well in their entrepreneurial journey. No doubt, with consistency, the Savvy program will fly high. In essence, it’s a program for every new entrepreneur who desires to do well.

SAMUEL AJIBOLA (from Nigeria)

The Savvy Fellowship program is a very good program. It provided me with more knowledge about building an innovative and profitable business. It is flexible, fantastic, and extremely useful. I wish I could have more opportunities to participate in other online programs like this because I want to learn more about entrepreneurship. Thank you, Savvy, for this golden opportunity!!!

Adeleke Bashir (from Nigeria)

The Savvy Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs is top-notch in entrepreneurial acumen development. I am thankful for the opportunity to be admitted into the program, which afforded me an amazing experience to unlearn, re-learn, and learn the constructs that will enable me to build impactful and sustainable global brands.

Oladele David Olusegun (from Nigeria)

A Savvy Fellow is someone who remains committed to a higher purpose than themselves. I’m so happy to have completed the learning and mentorship sessions at the Savvy Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs. The confidence, drive, and passion that I have today, grew from participating in the Savvy program. and I believe other Fellows have grown as well.

Joseph Churchil Nyeko (from Uganda)

I am impressed with how the Savvy Fellowship program is structured. The program is perfect for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs looking to master entrepreneurial skills. Simply put; it’s a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs. It has been a wonderful experience for me, and I would recommend the Savvy Fellowship Program to all entrepreneurs.

Mass Jawo (from The Gambia)

I just concluded my training at the Savvy Fellowship Program, and I would love to say thank you to Chidi Nwaogu and the entire Savvy team for putting this program together. Very practical business tips I took from the program. I have learned how to develop a go-to-market strategy and now I know what works best for operations and profit strategy.

Ololade Oloniyo (from Nigeria)

The Savvy Fellowship program is richly loaded for any impact-driven individual who aspires to be a change agent and early-stage entrepreneur. The program broke down the Key Success Factors of entrepreneurship activities in a clear and relatable manner. I enjoyed the experience and I have already started recommending it to other entrepreneurs.

Olanrewaju Babalola (from Nigeria)

I am so excited that I was accepted into the Savvy Fellowship program. I have completed all the courses, and the quality of the knowledge I’ve acquired cannot be over-emphasized. I got all the required business knowledge from this program because it’s already helping me to better build my business. Moreover, the dashboard of the e-learning platform is very easy to navigate.

Divine Udeme (from Nigeria)

I must thank Chidi and his team for putting up the Savvy program. This is because, for the longest time, I have struggled to put up an impactful business because I did not have the technical background to run a business as my background is in nursing. I am confident that this is the beginning of my turnaround to come up with impactful solutions to change our world. Thank you!

Geoffrey Omweri (from Kenya)

I’m currently in Week 4 of the Savvy Fellowship program and I couldn’t be more grateful. The content of the Savvy program is just gold. I am literally applying each week’s lesson, and I tell you it couldn’t be any easier! The Savvy Fellowship program has enabled me to understand the entrepreneurial process better and I must say it is a blessing.

Samuel Omondi (from Kenya)

The Savvy Fellowship program is very helpful for new and early-stage business owners. It has been effectively educating. I have learned a lot I did not know about business and I’m just glad I took the Savvy program. I can’t even imagine the costly mistakes I would have made if I didn’t go through this program! Thank you, Savvy.

Affiong Ekanem (from Nigeria)

The Savvy Fellowship program was extremely enlightening. I learned not only to be a proper entrepreneur but to be a professional strategist. I believe with the practical knowledge I’ve acquired from the Savvy program, I will make constructive progress in all my endeavors.

Eslie Benjamin (from Zambia)

Kudos to the Savvy team for taking the time to simplify entrepreneurship training for me. The learning sessions are free of technical jargon. The Savvy Fellowship program is very straightforward and relatable irrespective of one’s academic background. The world should await my products and services.

Tosin Kayode (from Nigeria)

The Savvy Fellowship program helped me to understand the nuances of social entrepreneurship, and how to market, promote, and scale a business idea while maintaining the quality and standard of your impact on the ground. As a student of Social Change, I am looking forward to implementing these learnings and executing them on the ground.

Puneet Singhal (from India)

The Savvy Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs is a great, concise, and straightforward entrepreneurship course, taken week by week. It would be great if there could be a physical entrepreneurship school launched by Savvy, in every region, state, or country across Africa. I believe we can do this.

Samuel Akinnagbe (from Nigeria)

I was really amazed by the degree of usefulness and effectiveness of the Savvy Fellowship Program for Entrepreneurs. I want to use this medium to say a big “thank you” to the Savvy team for paving such a ground for me to begin my entrepreneurial journey. I can say that I definitely took a lot out of the Savvy program, and it was beyond my expectations.

Faizudin Hafiz Zadah (from Afghanistan)

Each week’s lessons on the Savvy program are neatly arranged and they are classified topics that help if I want to repeat the lesson. In addition, I can collaborate or establish networking with other Savvy fellows around the world. This is a huge opportunity for me, as I am able to connect with people with the same interests and fields. Thanks to the Savvy team for this opportunity.

Ade Damayanti (from Indonesia)

I want to use this medium to appreciate the Savvy team for such a wonderful and impactful learning opportunity. I enjoyed the fact that the lectures and assessments are self-paced. Because of this, I learned each module at the most convenient time for me, and this made me digest the lessons of each module very well.

Abubakar Amidu (from Nigeria)

My Savvy Fellowship program experience was so great, and it inspired me to continue along my entrepreneurial journey. The program taught me how to treat my customers, proper market analysis, in-depth competitive analysis, all the possible ways to maximize profit, and many other essential skills needed by young entrepreneurs.

Flavien NZABAHIMANA (from Rwanda)

I really enjoyed taking part in this Fellowship. I learned a lot! Thank you to the Savvy Fellowship team. Before I finished the Savvy Fellowship Program for Aspiring and Early Stage Entrepreneurs, I had shared this Fellowship program with two to three other people. Now, I can’t wait to share this with more people still.

Uforo Nsentip (from Nigeria)

The Savvy program is great, and the best. It’s self-paced and relevant to every entrepreneur no matter the stage of their business. Whether it’s an idea, an early-stage startup, or a startup at the growth or scale-up phase, the program has what an entrepreneur needs, especially those facing difficulty in turning their ideas into working products.

Akram Ssemambo (from Uganda)

The program is extremely beneficial because it assists those in need of today’s innovations in business idea development, as well as allows others to share and learn. I am very happy with the content and information sharing and would recommend it to others looking to advance in their careers. I am extremely honored to be a Savvy Fellow!

Richard Geegbae (from Liberia)

I have done my research on Savvy. Unlike many other organizations, Savvy aims at helping, teaching, and making a change instead of just aiming at monetary profit. Also, I have checked the course outline and found it pretty neat and effective. Lastly, the Savvy program is conducted online, it’s all the more befitting for me.

Samira Tahsin (from Bangladesh)

After the 12 weeks of intensive training, I realized that I needed to do things differently. Savvy taught me to identify my target audience and design business strategies that would be difficult to copy. Strategic positioning is what I need to stay relevant in such an intense sector. Grateful for the life-changing skills and experience Savvy has offered me.

T Randell Doe Jr (from Liberia)

The Savvy Fellowship program has helped me gain knowledge on how to scale up my business, thanks to the different modules taught in the program. Now, I’m better positioned to apply the lesson learned. Through the program, I know my strengths and my weaknesses, which I’m working on. The Savvy program was extremely useful. Thanks a lot.

Judith Nwachukwu (from Nigeria)

It has been a memorable experience for me to learn about entrepreneurship, business finance, and customer experience. The knowledge and skills acquired will be applied to my work to improve customer satisfaction and business management. I must commend the detailed, clear, and concise contents of each module. It was informative and educational. Many thanks for the opportunity.

Ukeme Asuquo (from Nigeria)

The level of usefulness of the program really astounded me. The Savvy Global Fellowship for Entrepreneurs is excellent and meritorious. It provides a means of learning how to expand a business and become a more effective leader in the business sector. I recommend it to any prospective business owner. The Savvy team deserves all the credit it gets for this fantastic program.

Kalangwe Kapaipai (from Zambia)

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Savvy team for such a high-level Fellowship program, providing life-changing training in business and entrepreneurship. I’ve gained fresh insights into legal structures for businesses, choosing the right target customers, gaining entry into a target market, and building a solid revenue model around a business. My experience was amazing and educative.

Daniel R. Kpadeh (from Liberia)

The Savvy Fellowship program was really insightful and helpful for persons who are just about to begin their entrepreneurial journey or even already established entrepreneurs. I would recommend this program to young persons who are either students or fresh graduates. Good job to the Savvy team for creating such an amazing program for entrepreneurs. This was indeed worth the time.

Oluwafisayomi Akerele (from Nigeria)

Through the Savvy Fellowship program, I have witnessed the power of visionary leadership and the impact of innovative entrepreneurship in shaping a brighter future. I have gained insights into effective problem-solving, sustainable strategies, and fostering collaborations to create meaningful change. This experience has equipped me with the tools and knowledge to tackle Africa’s biggest challenges head-on.

Gamuchirai Kasekete (from Zimbabwe)

As a Savvy Fellow, I learned skills that are critical to running a successful business. This training helped me to gain a level of confidence in my abilities that I never had before and allowed for growth and development as an entrepreneur. The Savvy Fellowship program is truly life-changing and I would highly recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur who is committed to taking their business to the next level.

Emmanuella Azegba (from Nigeria)

I am truly impressed by the comprehensive and impactful opportunities the Savvy program offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. The program’s well-structured curriculum, experienced mentors, and commitment to fostering innovation are commendable. Its emphasis on real-world skills development, networking, and support for Fellows is evident. Fellows like myself are poised for success and personal growth.

Chidubem Anueyiagu (from Nigeria)

If you want to be an entrepreneur, the Savvy program is a choice you will never regret. Everything is very easy to navigate on the platform. The audio makes everything very easy to understand. There’s an assessment after each lesson. which helps you understand much more and know where you stand. It’s a life-changing program. Best experience ever with online learning! Thank you, Savvy, for giving me such an opportunity to be a Fellow.

Catherine Nampijja (from Uganda)

These past few weeks have been an exciting learning journey, through which I came to know and understand key points about business development and the environment. Before enrolling in this program, I had a lot of questions and doubts concerning customer acquisition techniques, but now, I’m confident about setting up my own business with the competitive solution-designing process that I’ve learned.

Bwembya Chiluba (from Zambia)

I am immensely grateful for the transformative experience at the Savvy Fellowship Program. The comprehensive 12-week curriculum and mentorship have equipped me with invaluable entrepreneurial skills. Thank you, Savvy, for fostering my growth and guiding me on the path to success.

George B. Wahlo (from Liberia)

This is one robust program on how to be business-ready. I sincerely had a great time learning; so captivating with everyday examples. Quality was not sacrificed for simplicity; everything about these modules was top-notch. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the Savvy team.

Deborah Momo (from Nigeria)

Completing the Savvy Fellowship was a comprehensive journey encompassing learning, assessments, and invaluable mentorship. The program’s focus on entrepreneurship provided practical insights, refining my skills and strategic thinking. I am amazed by the holistic experience, I now feel equipped to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and innovation.

Hosea G. Ballah (from Liberia)

Savvy has been a transformative experience for me. It has provided me with hands-on experience that has shaped my cognition of starting and scaling a business venture. The 12 modules cut across everything a business needs from identifying customers, creating a unique solution, revenue model, partnership, and business registration, to sustaining and scaling a business.

Martial Eko (from Cameroon)

Savvy Fellowship has provided me with the best experience in terms of knowledge gaining, skills learned, and confidence with opportunities. I will recommend the Fellowship program to anyone who wants a new direction in society. Savvy is doing great in youth empowerment, national development, and inspiring new ideas around the world, and I’m grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

Harish Bodke (from India)

The Savvy Fellowship Program is the best fit for young entrepreneurs. It gave me an overview of what must be done to achieve greatness in business! I’m from Goma, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and for me, Savvy is the best entrepreneurship program for early-stage entrepreneurs I have ever attended. Thanks a lot to the Savvy Fellowship Team!

Ikundji TWANGE (from the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The Savvy Fellowship Program was an enriching experience. The 12-week curriculum covered essential aspects of entrepreneurship, and the interactive e-learning modules were insightful. Assessments helped identify areas for improvement, and peer mentorship fostered a supportive learning environment. Expert sessions provided valuable guidance, and post-fellowship resources are a continued asset. Overall, it was a transformative journey that equipped me with valuable skills for my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ibrahim Mustapha Salisu (from Nigeria)

The Savvy program is very informative. It taught me things that I haven’t learned in the field of entrepreneurship, like how to handle people (not to burn bridges), how to manage finances and other subjects. I’m grateful to have gotten the chance to be part of this Fellowship, which has also helped me to see some parts I haven’t thought of and I’m yet to improve on.

Munyaradzi Garry Kaduya (from Zimbabwe)

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I have been helped because the Savvy program is easy to understand and at the same time comprehensive; leaving me more inspired to explore more and think of more different ways I can perfect my idea and start my business. I am grateful for the Savvy Fellowship program and I will embark on the Business Communications module soon, and then Product design. I will remain in the loop for more insights and opportunities.

Bosco Kaliza (from Malawi)