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Onyedikachi IjebuonwuOnyedikachi Ijebuonwu Staff asked 3 years ago

I’m currently facing indecision in what sort of business to start with a little capital without a burnout. Most of the time, I am reminded that many of these business are already up and running elsewhere by someone else and I feel discouraged to even start . 
Have I Invested in business before? yes but each time, I feel discourage reinvesting in that same thing probably because my expectation were cut short. What I have not tried out before is starting something from scratch.
Do I have a skill? Yes I do.  I write for SEO but I have not yet figured out what sort of business I could make out of it safe for just writing for peoples websites and getting paid. 
What do you suggest I do? or what do you think is the best approach to this situation. 

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Chidi NwaoguChidi Nwaogu Staff answered 3 years ago

I often say, “Figure out that one thing you know how to do better than many people you have come across. Now practice that one thing over and over again until you become undoubtedly an expert at it. Now do that thing and get people to pay you for doing it. That’s how successful businesses are created out of our talents or hobbies.”

I think you can start a business where you help people improve their search result ranking through SEO and other forms of organic methods. The difference between you and “a business” is the corporate branding. When you stop writing for SEO using your name, but with a company name, you have successfully made a business out of it. There are so many businesses looking for how to market their product through content marketing, and you could be that company that gives that sought-after service to them.

Suraj ShittuSuraj Shittu Staff answered 3 years ago

I was touched by this” many of these businesses are already up and running elsewhere by someone and i feel discourage”…..onye,  you dont have too. There is space for everyone. Ithink the week 2 lecture here has answer to your fears. There are alot of challenges  20years ago that now has solutions and in the next 20 years if this world still exist there will be a lot of challenges waiting to be solved. Better still,  I recommend you check on YouTube video on Jack ma lecture-10 rules for success.  Rule number 5 or so actually talked about that particular fear of yours. Where he talked about how he taught  Bill gates has taken  all opportunities within the computer world 20 years ago.please search for the video and you will be glad you did!