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Grace Edem OkonGrace Emmanuel Henshaw Staff asked 3 years ago

I want to know more about how i can make my products attracting to my customers.

2 Answers
Mwansa MakubaloMwansa Makubalo Staff answered 3 years ago

One key way to make your product attractive to your customers is to ensure that you actually asked your customers what they wanted. If you are providing a solution to their problem they will want your product.
I guess other ways is to ensure the packaging and branding is good, communicate to them and tell them the benefits of your product. In trying to differentiate your product in the market see how you can add extra services such as delivering to their doorstep.

Temidayo AworeniTemidayo Aworeni Staff answered 3 years ago

Mwansa, I totally agree with you designing a product/service without a knowledge of your ideal customer’s need is like shooting yourself in the leg for this will take you away from the bullseye of your market.