Foster MukuvareFoster Mukuvare Staff asked 4 years ago

How does one set up a successful google ads campaign with little to no knowledge of the intricases of the platform to acquire leads(an email list) of target customers that i can keep remarketing too without spending additional funds

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Falade Emmanuel EniolaFalade Emmanuel Eniola Staff answered 4 years ago

You can learn more on YouTube.
Few other tips 
Before you start you most have
1. Target audience specification.
Age range
And other special attribute as may required.
2. To get email list
a. You can find manually your target email through; Google search, social media…
b. You can download all email that has message you or you have message from gmail or yahoomail 
c. You can use email extracting software
d. You can setup a survey form in other to gather email. Eg. Survey monkey, Google form etc.
e. You can give freebies online like ebooks on an attractive topic but to download it will be send to there email. 
f. You can also buy email list.