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Falade Emmanuel EniolaFalade Emmanuel Eniola Staff asked 4 years ago

I have a vision to impact lives and i have stated the registration process of an NGO with my home country.
I have been thinking lately on how to best run it… 

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Mochamad GiffaryMochamad Giffary Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi! I am currently trying to create a volunteer project too and I just finished a Linkedin Learning course about nonprofit management and I think what I learned is worth sharing. It was a very inspiring course taught by Leslie Crutchfield (you can check her out on Linkedin too.)
So basically what you need to do is:
1. Firstly, ask yourself about how ready you are to lead a social movement. There are many challenges you will be facing in the process, including but not limited to financial constraints and relationships with those who are connected to your cause. Assess whether or not you possess the knowledge necessary to run it and if not, ask yourself how will you fill the voids.
2. If you are sure to continue, determine these 3: vision statement (the ideal condition you dream to happen, it does not matter if it will never be achieved), theory of change (results you hope to achieve), and winning strategy (ways you achieve them, she did not like the dichotomy between direct service and advocacy and suggested nonprofit to do both simultaneously). I think making these three as strong and inspiring as possible is important since it will also be a way to market your organization to prospective donors and volunteers. You can check those of Habitat for Humanity and City Year for inspiration.
3. Research the market, consider your funding, and determine which form of organization suits best for you (nonprofit, for-profit, or hybrid.)
4. Recruit board members that can help you, especially for legal, strategic, and fundraising purposes. She says that most nonprofit organizations now have relatively big boards but choose that fits your need.
5. Recruit workers and volunteers. Find those who are passionate for your mission, concentrate on impact. During this process it is also important to know what motivates them to do the work. Motivation is important in nonprofit since they will not likely join your oganization for money.
6. Your potential sources of funds can be of forms: individual donation, private or family foundation grants, corporate grants, community foundation grants, and government grants and contracts. There will be merits and demerits from each choice and you will likely choose a mixture of those sources. Your choice can also change over the development of your organization. Prospect your sources effectively and engage with them proactively and responsively.
7. Use social media to promote your organization. Create campaigns that are time-bound, able to be done by anyone, viral, millennial appeal, created emotions, and most importantly, good for your cause. She exemplified this with Ice Bucket Challenge.
I guess that is all. It may be not much but I hope it helps haha. Cannot wait to see your organization creating great impact and making change!

Tolani OdukoyaTolani Odukoya Staff answered 4 years ago
  1. Well done @Giffary! That must have been a very. Helpful one for him I believe. Personally I think one of the most difficult thing to do is running a nonprofit venture especially here in Nigeria where there are rather hundreds of thousands of other nonprofit organizations that are competing with you for. Limited funding and the most annoying thing is that there are several unfavorable policy made by the government that frustrates the effort of  many nonprofit organization.

I am saying this because of course I founded a registered nonprofit. Organization last year out of my passion to contribute towards educational development in my country  however, one thing I’ve come to learn the very hard way is that passion in itself is not alone to thrive such venture you’ve got to be extra strategic especially when it comes to having a sustainable structure that runs smoothly without having to consistently  refrce for funding 

Falade Emmanuel EniolaFalade Emmanuel Eniola Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks @Gifarry and @Tolani.