Charles OfomataCharles Ofomata Staff asked 4 years ago

I run an online travel agency, how do I get more clients for my business using online channels 

3 Answers
Abhishek MandalAbhishek Mandal Staff answered 4 years ago

Instagram, create a channel based on your online travel agency, and run advertisements on the more popular travel pages of instagram. Do giveaways from your end ask people to tag their friends and follow your insta account to enlist in the giveaway, run an advertisement campaign in instagram.

Falade Emmanuel EniolaFalade Emmanuel Eniola Staff answered 4 years ago

Digital marking is the skills you need.
It deals with

  • Social media marketing; Facebook Ad, Instagram Ad, YouTube Ad, Twitter Ad.
  • Email list
  • Social media influencer
  • Website campaign

You can get training from Google, and just type digital marketing… In google or

Brian WaweruBrian Waweru Staff answered 4 years ago

I think you can also consider content marketing. This is where you create content related to your industry in order to capture a potential client’s attention.