Michael IshokoMichael Ishoko Staff asked 3 years ago

Am really not getting funds to fund my project and am really thinking of fundraising. Please I need help on how I can fundraise for my project. 

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Chidi NwaoguChidi Nwaogu Staff answered 3 years ago

Here’s a list of African investors, their contacts, investment portfolio, and exits so far: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12yIKcL8VaJN4YrsiD3zIOAVgReUtSadIQoXY7EQfmHA/edit?usp=sharing
You should find it useful.

Emmanuel IsikaEmmanuel Isika Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Michael, 
I just got this book and I think it will help – The Art of Fundraising.
Kindly read via https://bit.ly/fundraising4yourbusiness