Applications are invited for the ETH4D Faculty Exchange Teaching Stay Grants 2023. ETH4D supports the teaching activities of ETH scientists or ETH emeriti at partner institutions in low and lower-middle-income countries.  Activities include delivering lectures, courses, or seminars; or attending collaboration meetings.

The ETH4D Teaching Stay Grant is open to:

  • Doctoral candidates
  • Senior scientists
  • Assistant Professors
  • SNSF Professors
  • Titular Professors
  • Professors on an ERC grant
  • Professors Emeriti


  • A maximum of 5,000CHF can be granted per proposal. A detailed budget is requested, including financial contributions by the applicant, and the inviting university/organisation (in-cash and/or in-kind)


The applicant must be hired at ETH Zurich at least in a 50% position. The applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • ETH scientist
    • Invitation from a university or research institute.
    • Teaching assignment at ETH Zurich.
  • ETH emeriti
    • No longer than 5 years retired
    • Still active relationship with ETH Zurich
    • Teaching stay at a partner institution to which an active link exists (e.g. through ETH scientists) and which can be continued independently of the professor emeriti
    • Invitation from a university or research institute


Complete the electronic application form and upload all required documents.

Application documents for an ETH4D Teaching Stay Grant comprise:

  • Completed electronic application form
  • Description of the teaching stay (1-2 pages)
  • Budget, including the applicant’s and partners’ contribution to the costs (in-cash and/or in-kind), (use budget template)
  • CV of the applicant (1-2 pages)
  • Support letter of the hosting university or research institute

Include the following in the description of the teaching stay:

  • Description of the purpose, content and relevance of the teaching activity.
  • Point out the added value provided to the beneficiaries and to ETH Zurich, including longer-term perspectives and mutuality.
  • Explanation of how the teaching activity fits into the curriculum of the guest university/research institute and how it is accredited.

For more information, visit ETH4D Grants.