Applications for the ETH4D Faculty Exchange Visiting Scientist Grant 2022 are open. ETH4D provides grants for visiting scientists, belonging to an academic institution in low and lower-middle income countries. The visiting scientist may visit ETH Zurich to conduct a short research stay at an ETH Zurich chair or laboratory or to attend a conference or workshop organized by ETH Zurich scientists.


  • A maximum of 10,000 CHF can be granted per visit. A detailed budget is requested, including financial contributions by the applicant, as well as the visiting scientist or their university (in cash and/or in-kind).


  • Eligible to apply are ETH4D members (senior scientists belonging to an ETH4D member group are eligible as well) who are hired at ETH Zurich at least in a 50 % position. ETH Zurich scientists, who are not yet a member of ETH4D, can also apply and will become a member if they are awarded an ETH4D Visiting Scientist Grant.
  • Visiting scientist must be affiliated with an institution in a country classified under the categories according to the DAC-​list of the OECD. Preference will be given to “least developed”, “low-​income” and “lower-​middle income” countries.
  • Has existing or planned research collaborations with the hosting professor.
  • Proven academic qualifications.


Complete the electronic application form and upload all required documents (project description, budget, CVs).

Note that the following needs to be addressed in the project description (max. 1-2 pages):

  • Research Stay
    • Project description and objectives to be achieved during the research stay.
    • Timeframe and work plan.
    • Description of:
      • Added value of conducting research at ETH Zurich for individual career development of visiting scientist
      • Adaptation of the acquired knowledge to the local context and dissemination at the home institution
      • Interest in hosting professor to host this scientist, including potential follow-up activities after the stay
  • Conference/Workshop attendance
    • Expected benefit for the institutional relationship between ETH Zurich and the candidate’s institution.
    • Relevance of the conference or workshop for the candidate’s research and career development.

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For more information, visit ETH4D Grants.