We are a fine blend of passion, dedication, and heart. We are changemakers, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and professionals from all around the world, so we are the most diverse team you could possibly imagine. We volunteer at Savvy because we believe that entrepreneurs are the catalyst for growth and the creators of wealth, so we’re building a program that will shape passionate young professionals into the finest impact-driven entrepreneurs, and equip them with all they need to be successful at what they do. Meet the Savvy team that is reducing global unemployment through entrepreneurship.


Chika became a tech entrepreneur at 16. Since then, he has co-founded, grown, and sold two successful tech startup companies to American organizations, including LAGbook.

I am innovative, focused and enthusiastic in tech. I am currently working on a brand that provide ICT support to small and medium scale businesses so as to increase profitability.

Sarr works as an English teacher for 9 years now. He runs his own retail store, in which he sells food, drinks and other products. He is very passionate about entrepreneurship.

My name is Kamara Mohamed from Sierra Leone west Africa and currently I am a graduate student in information and communication technology ICT