We are a fine blend of passion, dedication, and heart. We are changemakers from all around the world, so we are the most diverse team you could possibly imagine. We volunteer at Savvy because we believe that entrepreneurs are the catalyst for growth and the creators of wealth, so we’re building a program that will shape passionate young professionals into the finest impact-driven entrepreneurs, and equip them with all they need to be successful at what they do. Meet the Savvy team that is reducing global unemployment through entrepreneurship.


Chidi is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur and CEO at Publiseer. He is an Acumen Fellow, Alibaba eFounders Fellow, Westerwelle Fellow, and African Presidential Leadership Fellow.

Chika became a tech entrepreneur at 16. Since then, he has co-founded, grown, and sold two successful tech companies to American organizations, including LAGbook, a social network.

James is a volunteer, mentor, activist, and ambassador for SIW to Microsoft. He is passionate about helping people to gain knowledge on digital and financial literacy.

I'm a community volunteer under NYEN, a Regional Volunteers Coordinator of the International Human Rights Commission.

I'm a business oriented person dealing in ICT related products. Above all I am techno-savvy.

I am currently studying, last year of graduation. I have started my business of organic products and bamboo products which is made in Dang district in Gujarat.

Allen is the International Programs Manager at Because International. She has worked in for-profit and non-profit sectors, and thus bringing years of business experience to Savvy.

Zuby Onwuta is a Harvard and MIT trained innovator, and a recipient of the President Obama Service award. He is a US Army veteran and a patented inventor.

Boudrye is the Chief Innovation Officer at House Studios, an entertainment company based in New York, into audio and video production, photography, studio rental, and marketing.

Fabio founded Evodrop AG, a nanotechnology company that ensures clean, healthy, and pollution-free water. Since 2017, Evodrop has been producing its first water filter prototype.

Isaac is an entrepreneur, engineer, innovator, and Team Lead at Sesi Technologies. He is one of 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians and an MIT Technology Review Innovator Under 35.

Oliyen is a Foreign Exchange Manager at Thomas Cook, a leisure, travel, and tourism company in Mauritius. He is also an alumnus of the African Presidential Leadership Program.

Aweko is a social entrepreneur with extensive experience in supporting marginalized youths and women through employment and skills development.

Baranya is an economist and activist for youth, peace, and security. She promotes responsible leadership, democratic governance, youth empowerment, and female empowerment.

Modou is the founder of AFG Ventures, a social enterprise addressing the investment and human capital gaps in Africa. He is also the Director of Startup Grind in The Gambia.

Metuge is an expert in cybersecurity, with proficiency in cyber defense, digital forensics, penetration testing, red teaming, reverse engineering, and secure software development.

Aggokabo is a Ph.D. student at Liverpool John Moores University. She is an experienced biomedical scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry.

Sidoine is a vigorous youth empowerment proponent who is passionate about Africa’s positive mindset transformation. Sidoine has served and led reputable organizations.

Okiya is a self-taught technical artist and the Founder of Gbosaman, which specializes in games design, 3D design, photo manipulation, photogrammetry, web design, and 3D printing.

Olugbenga is the CEO of Epower.ng, an agency connecting businesses to customers, and the founder of TOES, a non-profit organization working to end orphan poverty in Africa.

Dauda is a social worker, educationist, soft skill development consultant, and child protection activist. He is a co-founder of the Children’s Assurance Program Sierra Leone.

Kimani is the Product Lead at Farmula, an agri-tech startup company that offers market insights and price data to farmers. Before Farmula, she worked at a startup for four years.

Kithinji is a professional media practitioner, having worked at CNBC Africa, Forbes Africa, and Ventures Africa. He is a Poynter Koch Media and Journalism Fellow.

Kassama is the CEO of Girls’ Pride, providing less-privileged women and girls with sexual and reproductive health education, and reusable sanitary pads.

Adeshina is co-founder/CEO of One Kiosk Africa, an e-commerce solution empowering informal retail store owners in Africa using geolocation and machine learning.

Ines is the National Secretary-General of the Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa, Cameroon. She is fervent about women’s empowerment.

Bacar is the CEO at StartupAfrica.news, a data-driven media and content company documenting the stories of the startup ecosystem in Africa and the diaspora.

Charlette is the co-founder and CEO of BACE Group, a tech startup company that provides AI-powered facial recognition services for online identity verification. She writes.

Mohammed Bayero Yayandi is a Nigerian tech community builder, activist, and volunteer. He is the Founder of YandyTech, a community that addresses the problems of unemployment.

Udekwe is the Founder and CEO of NATAL CARES, a social enterprise focused on providing healthcare, medical monitoring, and emergency services to at-risk pregnant women.

Akeyewale is a Lead Strategist at TechPlan Africa. With experience working with KPMG, he’s a World Economic Forum contributor, and a World Youth Forum panelist.

Etefia is the Lead at Google Business Group, Uyo. He is also a Business Strategist at 36Zero.ng, a digital marketing agency that helps brands grow through meaningful connections.

Thaddée is a Burundian computer scientist. As part of the African Union Volunteer Corps, he is currently deployed as Information Technology Officer within African Union‘s office.

Walelgn is the Country Director for Africa Youth Union Commission in Ethiopia, an organization committed to creating platforms and opportunities for youths.

Mwangi is the CEO at EsVendo, an organization solving existing societal problems, like providing sanitary items in Kenyan slums and rural areas. She is an alumna of MEST Africa.

Murkthar is the Director of the Centre for Development and Advanced Learning. He is the curator of TEDxAhmaduBelloUniversity, an alumnus of African Presidential Leadership Program.

Akin-Moses is the co-founder and CEO of Sycamore, a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects lenders to borrowers using technology.

Musa is the Director of RodNorth, a company that meets the IT Infrastructure needs in Africa by providing affordable technological solutions to enable business processes.

Antwi is a co-founder of Cocoa Sika, a financial technology company that provides instant credit with low interest to commercial cocoa farmers in Ghana.

Oni is a youth development advocate and Director at Way Network Africa, a social enterprise advancing youth development and education through technology.

Lukman is the co-founder and COO of Agroseal, a commodity trading company that empowers fruits and vegetable smallholder farmers through innovation and technology.

Marly is the Tech Innovation Project Coordinator at Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub, which brings people and resources together to develop tech innovations.

Ori is a software engineer and entrepreneur with over 5 years of experience building and launching innovative products and solutions geared toward simplifying and improving life.

Fasoranti is the Founder of Prikkle Academy, where he co-creates open innovation hubs with rural stakeholders to uncover their potentials and mobilize them to create solutions.

Oladipupo is a co-founder at Afrilearn, an ed-tech company integrating a network of teachers, developers, and animators to deliver affordable and standard education to Africans.

Osborn is a co-founder at farmCap, an agri-tech platform that connects smallholder farmers to capital, data, input, and market in Africa. He is also a software engineer.

Kaguo is the Product & Marketing Lead at Kweza, which offers collective buying to informal retailers, so they can source stock conveniently, at the best prices.

Nthatisi Lesala is a youth leader, passionate about contributing positively to youth activities at both national, and global levels. She is the founder of Greenland Farm.

Nmecha is the co-Founder and CEO at Extraclass, a platform that offers flexible learning and teaching environment for individuals especially students. She is a Tony Elumelu Fellow.

Elijah is the co-founder of SMUV, a branding, and design agency. Before that, he was the co-founder of Caketunes, a music-sharing and beat distribution platform for artists.

Olamide is one of the founders of Nadia, which offers affordable primary health services. At Nadia, he works on operations management. Olamide is also a co-founder of Shukran.

Fela is a business consultant and coach. He founded SALUBATA. Fela has won the Africa 35.35 Award, the Entrepreneur Africa Awards, and the British Council Entrepreneurship Award.

Precious is the founder of Africa Startup Entrepreneurs Network, an online community that inspires business leaders through personal and professional development.

Kyrian is a co-founder and product engineer at Eazox, an e-commerce solution. He is also a mentor at Google Africa Developer Scholarship. Kyrian is a software and DevOps engineer.

Zena is a teacher with over 5 years of experience. She began teaching in Khartoum, Sudan, before moving to Nairobi, Kenya. She has served as Deputy Director of a children’s home.

Bayode is the CEO of TechBridge Consulting, an ed-tech firm with a vision to reimage Africa as a hub of innovation and train 10 million young Africans for advanced IT skills.

Kayode is co-founder of Covibes and a community organizer of Product School. With an MBA from the University of South Wales, Kayode is equipped with over 4 years of experience.

Godwin is the Founder of Gross Multimedia Services, which provides multimedia and digital services in Nigeria. He has served as a lecturer in Statistics.

Chadia is the CEO and Founder of Wakonté, a group of companies dedicated to creating platforms for African and Caribbean storytellers. She is a Lucian living in Ghana.

Embassy is the Founder and CEO of SpiCodeX. He specializes in software and hardware development, digital marketing, designs, and consults for companies and organizations.

Temitayo founded TJL Signature that creates bizarre fashion accessories for adventurous students. TJL has been recognized by Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Alumni, among others.

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, writer, and tech enthusiast. He is the founder of GuddiesPlanet, Cashbudy, instaDrop, and Credmart.co. He’s a prolific growth hacker.

Godson is a social entrepreneur, youth development and leadership consultant, co-founder of EITSEC Ghana, and currently pursuing a charted program in investment analysis.

Jabulani has years of work experience with multinational companies like IBM and Deloitte. He has worked in several startups since 1992, cutting across several sectors.

Victoria is a journalist and CEO at EDB Class Waste Management. She serves as a freelance journalist for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, Modern Ghana, and other media houses.

Augustus is an economist, social entrepreneur, and founder of Curtin Child Learning Center, a school providing basic education to the rural kid in Sembabule District, Uganda.

Dongar has many years of experience in the telecomms industry and 5 years in volunteer services. He is an accomplished operations executive, with a successful track record.

James has over ten years of experience in clinical microbiology, immunology, and genetics. He is the founder of Medicalshed, a Digital Health company.

Sanyam is an android developer, who is proficient in Kotlin and Java. He is a cybersecurity enthusiast and an IAC member at the PICT Debate Society.

Nadia has over 12 years of work experience in community development, facilitation, volunteerism, and gender advocacy. She is a social entrepreneur in the agricultural sector.

Joshua is the founder of DSTClass, and the WorldBank award-winning initiative, Pacesetters’ Club, a rural youth empowerment initiative that provides a platform for self-teaching.

Aditya is the Founding President of Career and Development Cell, Department of Commerce, Ramjas College. He is an experienced associate with a history of working in real estate.

Nora is the Founder of Shine Space, which helps students prepare early and acquire skills beyond what the schools provide, to meet the demands of the world of work and enterprises.

Olumide is an experienced agro-ecologist with a strong flair for AgricFood projects and rural livelihood improvement. He has an excellent understanding of business optimization.

With a passion for languages, Terrence is a Law graduate, a human rights advocate, and a legal translator or interpreter. He is fluent in English, French, and Portuguese.

Moaed is an entrepreneur, photographer, and content creator, with over 10 years of work experience in digital marketing. He is proficient in social media management.

Relebohile founded Joyful Hearts, an initiative that strives to mold and enhances the skills and capabilities of youths within Lesotho. Relebohile is an alumna of YALI RLC.

Bola oversees the business activities of Rovingheights, a physical and online bookstore. Prior to founding Rovingheights, she has worked at one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Caritus brings years of experience in establishing operational optimization across diverse industries in both national and international operations

Nixon is the co-founder of the Fadhili Cancer Support Organization, which is focused on handling all cancer cases in Kenya, by joining hands with research institutions.

Mohammed is the Co-founder/CEO at Halfash Integrated Farms, an agricultural company using modern farming techniques and equipment to produce enough quality food for consumption.

Nitesh is an experienced associate with a demonstrated history of working in the public policy industry. He is skilled in nonprofit organizations, journalism, and fundraising.

Maroua is an SDGs advocate. She is the Projects Coordinator and Youth Mobilizer at Youth SDG Action Campaign, with the Sustainable Development Youth’s Organisation.

Abdallah is the Director and Senior Transport Researcher at TTLRi Ltd. He is an administrative assistant at the Ministry of Health in Uganda.

Karina leads training and development at Even Cargo, India’s first women-only last-mile E-Commerce Logistics company. Before Even Cargo, she led social inclusion at Delhi OYE.

Henry is a co-founder and Director at Evidence and Methods Lab, a data visualization civic tech initiative in Uganda. He is a data analytics specialist.

Francis is the Managing Director at Visionary Technologies, a technology-centered company that designs, develops, and coordinates digital technology solutions.

Mary is an experienced Data Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. She is skilled in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Teaching.

Through education, Lamin has gained excellent insights into the world of finance and strengthened his analytical and quantitative skills. He is dedicated and self-motivated.

Bisola is an attorney with experience as a Property Law Consultant in Real Estate, Human Resource, and Business Development, and has drafted various Legal Contracts and Agreements.

Richard is the Treasure Inspector of the Ministry of Finance and Budget in Chad. Richard also serves as the Communications Director at AfriYan Tchad.

Baljeet is co-founder and Director of Varitra Foundation, a non-governmental organization with an objective to design, curate, and implement unique and relevant models.

Emelda is the publisher of Bang! Magazine and editor of Property International Magazine. She is the founder of a women’s empowerment foundation called Dare to Dream.

Komal is the founder and CEO of Kuch Badlain, which empowers girls and women. She is also the co-founder and COO of Thriving Space, a shared co-working environment in Pakistan.

Kaniyeh is the co-founder and Operations Lead at Recyclift, a plastic recycling startup company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He enjoys trying new things and challenging himself.

Moses is the founder of GhShopOnline, an e-commerce platform based in Ghana. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was the Resident Nursing Officer at HEC & Hardt’s Medical Consult.

Richard is a business development consultant, leadership coach, and motivational speaker. He is a Royal Commonwealth Society Associate Fellow and an Obama Foundation Leader.

Ibrahim is a community development professional, and the founder of Azabre Farms, a Ghanaian agricultural business enterprise that engages in cashew and mango plantation.

Emmanuel Uwandu is the Chief Executive Officer of Kiakia Gas, an energy solutions company. He is an Energy Advisor for the Lagos State Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Sylivia is the Founder and Director of Infants’ Health Foundation, an organization that breaks down the barriers to accessing and utilizing maternal-child healthcare services.