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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

I am Hafizuddin, a tech enthusiast with a Bachelor in Computer Science. As EcoCutler CTO, I drive IT solutions and cybersecurity. Eager to contribute my skills, I am the ideal fellow candidate.

Managed cleaning until the lock down, i gradually lost clientelle cause i didnt have the worktool & expertise to handle the new norm of cleaning

Currently working in Corporate field in customer facing role. Finished my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from renowned college in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

I'm a business women.
I run a small scale business unit which provides Edible tea cups.

Passed school with great grades. Studying business. know thrre languages. Have different skills such management and creative thinking.

I'm a mechanical engineer with 4+ years of volunteer experience in climate mitigation and quality education. Passionate about SDGs, I want to drive sustainable change in society.

I am from Anambra STATE and I live in Anambra. Thank you for this great opportunity

I'm a young lady presently in my 20's. I have a burning passion for business and entrepreneurship.

I'm a lady who loves to make impacts through business

My name is Akinloye Aanuoluwapo. I am an English language graduate of Obafemi awolowo university, Nigeria.

I am young Passion agricbusiness enterprenuer man withthe vision of starting my own business and helping unemployment rate in my country.

I'm an aspiring game devoloper with mid level skills in Java and Android development. My goal is to help push the African gaming industry to global limelight.

Graduate from Dhaka University & Co-founder & CEO Bili, Bili help retailers to get products directly from manufacturer. Passionate to build something that changed the world forever

An English masters student in sociolinguistics and a freelance graphics designer.

I engage effectively with people and a computer literate who is good with social media and I have the ability to learn quick and pay attention to details

Go getter wanting to make a change both personally and professionally.

I'm Alex Ababio ,a social entrepreneur ,publisher of Ghanaian Watch ,and co-founder ,African Liberators Economic Institute,has eight years in journalism

Master's Student at the university of Ibadan Business School, Christian, passionate about God and solving business problems through Innovation.

Abah Gift is a self-motivated individual who is passionate about personal growth and development; more importantly, impacting lives in every little way she can.

I am a chemical engineering student with interests in the data space and social impact. I am driven by having what to offer to the younger ones. I love diversity and inclusion.

Andrew Paul Abah:
Founder at Agroangeal Limited Entrepreneur, and an Economist,Web
in Economics from the National open university of Nigeria.

I'm a woman with big business dreams. What I seek is guide on how to build structures that will make each business

I'm a lady so passionate about influencing her world and also Goal oriented. I'm still an undergraduate and a lover of God and also an Advocate of no poverty and good health.

I'm a Set Designer, Spokenword Artist.
I have a food business also.
I am an Ambassador of Street Project Foundation.

I am a current Ph.D. Chemistry student at the University of Pennsylvania with a passion for social enterprise, especially in areas of alleviating poverty and improving access to quality education among women in underprivileged communities in Africa.

I’m Abdulla Mahmoud. I’m Sudanese. spoken words poet & sonnets writer. I work as HS code translator & EDI Specialist in logistics Customs clearance company in Saudi Arabia

Having a service satisfaction driven mind, I work effectively to aid both customer and
organizational satisfaction.

My name is Mrs Abalaka Eleojo Dorcas nee Ogbadu. I have masters degree in Accounting. I love creativity and innovation.

I am Ann Abang. I am fashion designer, writer and child advocate. I am passionate about raising wholesome children.

I'm a 300lvl law student of the University of Uyo, I'm also a fashion designer. I love singing, experimenting with food, good music, public speaking and I love quiet places.

I am a Biochemistry student of KNUST. CEO of Gracys footwear and a co founder for stem Ghana. I love to teach and bring innovations.

I am a business enthusiast who is concerned about redeeming the African name through safe trade between African nations and the rest of the world.

I enjoy research and reading, a prospect that brings out the best in one staying savvy. I show shrewdness in analytics and quantitative skills.

Entrepreneur depuis 2023, j'ai fondé et dirige 3 entreprises aujourd'hui dont 2 axées sur le numérique et les nouvelles technologies. Je suis toujours en quête d'une quelconque occasion pour me former, apprendre de nouvelles méthodes, rencontrer des jeunes aussi passionnés que moi pour apprendre d'eux et aussi mettre à leur profit mon expérience. Partout où il y a des jeunes africains, il y a de la matière à grandir, qu'importe notre âge, notre origine, notre niveau d'expérience. C'est pourquoi je serais fier d'intégrer cette famille.

I am a trained computer Scientist with about 10 years of experience in business development and management. I am the CEO of Bluecork Sound and Youth Development leader with NASSI

I am Louisa Abayie a young Ghanaian Entrepreneur with great ideas to help the youth. Find opportunities and help them through it, and also very keen about supporting the SDG goals.

Kehinde’s a Nigerian: Youngest Management member, Scholar, Professional & industrial Leader, CEO, Director, Selfless Volunteering, Impacts, Best Employee of the Year, Life-coach

A specialist in Occupational medicine and emergency care. I'm the owner of Wellane Health Limited, a company focusing on occupational health, wellness & medical innovation.

Proactive C-level Executive Assistant acknowledged for green awareness and excellence in business operations management within the built environment.

I am early career researchers studying my PhD in Molecular parasitology at University of Maiduguri, Borno State

A Graduate and a former student's leader, an inspiring entrepreneur who's passionate in identifying a market gap and keenly risking the effort of filling the gap with fashion.

I have aim to serve humanity.I am a passionate student.I want to become a successful enterpenour.I'm in a learning process of different skills.

My name is Deborah Abbey, A Ghanaian living at Kasoa in Accra. I am the creative type who loves inventing things on my own. I love people and I am always interested in meeting the needs of customers.

I am a young man of 34 years and a Ghanaian. I hold a bachelors degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I am a co-founder of a start-up Waste Management Company.

I am Sandra Abbo, an impassioned Ugandan entrepreneur, who witnessed the hardships of period poverty growing up. Motivated by this, I established a business committed to crafting reusable pads, lasting a year. More than a venture, it's a mission to combat period challenges in schools, uplift communities, and empower individuals. This initiative offers not just a sustainable solution but addresses a profound societal issue. I envision a future where no girl sacrifices her education or dignity due to menstruation.

My name is Ahmed abdelbagi Abdalla from Sudan I work as mechanical engineer with petreum company

I am an ambitious young woman from Ghana, I am an entrepreneur and a teacher. I love to upskill my self and strive to make meaning out of my life.

I am now studying accounting at the University in Egypt and I am interested in business management but in the middle east there is not much work for management

I work at a little freelance business I buy product from agent of cosmetics company l sell these products sometimes I sell a parapharmacie products too..

Entrepreneur passionné, titulaire d'un master 2 en entrepreneuriat et management des projets. Déterminé à impacter positivement ma communauté par des initiatives innovantes.

21-year-old student, nominated as an African Leader by African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP), holding multiple leadership positions as a consultant and program manager.

Born in 2005, Currently studying Medicine besides running a small business.

Pharmacist passionate about cosmetics, MBA global marketing

I was Co-founder and Owner of Glory event and wedding planning for a period of three years.

I am Tasneem I love all areas of STEM and I worked on many scientific projects and other business, but it was known about me that I enter economics and entrepreneurship in any project and my personality suggests to you at first sight that I am nice, but at the same time I am a leader and strict in many things related to work and I am serious in my life in general,
I wanted to join the College of Engineering, but I distracted my attention. I don't like academic work, but I want to have fun and always make new decisions. And I learn continuously, not to be an employee who waits for her salary every last month and doesn't benefit anything from her job. Rather, she just spends time to be paid for that time. For me, my life is bigger and more important than just time that perishes on me. I don't benefit. I want to learn more in order to raise a good generation with thought. Innovative, not a course with the rest.

Passionate student, who aims to make the world better for the next generations. Aiming to have a startup that will help the youth have a better future.

Well , my name is leqaa and I'm student in we school for applied technology department telecommunication, and I also interested in technology and business development, also I believed in my self too much cause always hard worker faced alot of challenges could build a strong one who could prepare himself for anything he want to get in .

انهيت الليسانس في الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية 2008 وعملت بالبيع و التجاره 2008 وحتى الآن 2021
عملت بالتسويق الالكتروني 2012-2018
اعمل حالياً على تعلم اللغه الانجليزيه

I am enthusiastic and strongly motivated to develop cutting-edge AI methods and applications for healthcare in a multidisciplinary setting. I have experience working as an AI Researcher/Data Scientist at several multinational companies like Honda Research Institute and Siemens Healthineer. Currently, i am working Full-time to devlop my startup called AIcare, Enhancing the mental health well-being of the Employee through real-time predictive analytics based on AI to help manage stress and prevent burnout.

Iam a project manager at private entreprise (management company of Technopark Borj Cedria-Ecopark). My main missions are managing and submitting EU projects on behalf Ecopark dealing with sustainable development areas ( water, energy, environment...) as Iam responsable of supporting startups that are hosted in our incubator (incubation and acceleration level) participating as IP analyst (expert in engineering sciences)to evaluate the innovation of the idea at initial statement and monitor the progress of investment document preparation of differents participants at national level.

AZZOUZ abdessamed
18 years old
from Algeria
baccalaureate with 79.65/100
docteur pharmacy student

My name is Remadan Abdi Beyan and I am currently working on the government Health centre for the last five year and I am graduate with the bachelor degree in Public Health Officer.

I am Fowzia Abdi, from Afghanistan and badakhshan province, one of those interested in the filtership of entrepreneurs. I want to try my best in this field to be a great entrepreneur. In whatever direction we work, we must first maintain ethics and respect for others, and for the purpose we have, we must do our best. do

My name is Gulaid Ahmed, and I am a student at African Leadership University in Rwanda. I am studying there for entrepreneurs' leadership; I am in the second year of learning that project. I am willing to take part in this significant project.

I'm a Ph.D. in Sports Management, Physical Education Teacher, and the Director of Nawrooz Sports Club.
Nawrooz has started its sports services recently and dreams to grow up

I am abdirahman Yusuf Somali citizen living somalia I have master degree of sofware engineering at Daffodil international university Dhaka Bangladesh..

I am humanitarian nonprofit worker, who have been with many organisations for the last 15 years. I worked for international NGOs such as IRC, OXFAM GB, GIZ and latest in UNICEF. I am a certified trainer for business and interpreneurship training by ILO. I have been in many senior middle positions, like, Senior program officer, regional Programme Officer, Humanitarian Cash Transfer Consultant, Education Program Assistant, youth and livelihoods officer etc. I am honest, collaborative and having good teamwork sprit. Currently, I am unemployed and would be glad if I become a recipient for your esteemed work as I am also a good business minded person.

Many Thanks,

I am a young man interesting entrepreneur. I study economics in last four years and I am senior student in economics.

I am Mohamed live in Borama, Somalia. I graduated Master's in economics. I have passionate about business.

iam called Maryama, a graduate of clinical medicine but passionate in innovation and enterpreurship

I'm a dynamic young african, passionate about personal development ,entrepreneurship and online business. I'am active in associations promoting leadership in my country.

Je suis titulaire du Certificat d'Etudes Primaires, un Brevet d'Etudes du Premier Cycle. Après cela, j'ai un diplôme professionnel IATA en Billetterie et Tourisme

En tant que Nigérien et étudiant en première année de licence en droit, j'ai obtenu mon baccalauréat en 2022/2023 à CES/Tibiri, près de Doutchi. Étant l'un des meilleurs élèves de mon établissement, j'ai développé un intérêt pour les syndicats, convaincu de pouvoir apporter un changement positif. En tant que secrétaire général de mon établissement, j'ai initié plusieurs activités qui ont eu un impact positif. Grâce à mes compétences, des plateformes comme U-report et Scoot m'ont offert des postes que j'ai acceptés, car je crois fermement en la possibilité d'apporter un changement positif dans ma communauté grâce à ces opportunités.
Après mes études je veux me trouver un bon travail qui va me permettre de permettre de prendre soin de ma mère qui ne travaille et mon père qui est en retraite et surtout me battre au nom de toutes les femmes qui subissent des violences basé sur le genre.

Passionate Mechanical Engineering student excelling in Computer Aided Engineering and Project Management. Committed to addressing climate change challenges; currently undertaking a climate change course at the Oxford School of Climate Change. Proficient in Fusion 360, Ansys, Asana, and dedicated to sustainable development. Engaged in impactful research projects, volunteering with Citizens Climate Lobby, and holding memberships in climate-focused organizations. Skilled in CAD, FEA, and actively contributing to a greener future. Recipient of the CAD Training Excellence Award, with a strong focus on innovative solutions for climate resilience.

Featured by renowned organizations like Samsung, UNESCO, and in 7 newspapers and magazines, highlighting my dedication to innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

My name is Mohammad I love leadership in construction investments and marketing. I work as an executive director for four small private companies in various fields. For example basma company for importing form East Asia.
In the next stage in my life I want to develop myself further and build a large company of my own

I am passionate about technology, personal development, meeting new people, and learning from them. I am always interested in learning new things and in creating meaningful impact.

I am a National Service personnel at kumbungu District Assembly.I pursued Building Technology at Tamale Technical University

My name is Miracle. I am on track to graduate with a master’s in business administration at Florida A&M University Summer 2021.

Hi my name is Rahmatu Abdul Karim am 25years old . I'm a Muslim am a Ghanaian am dark in comparison and am a kind and straight forward person am someone who is always determine to become successful always full of life and happiness even when am sad

Passionate biology conservationist with a knack for sustainable solutions. Chairman at Resiliencerise Alliance. Excited to join Savvy and contribute to impactful entrepreneurship.

My name is Fawaz Abdul-Rahaman an I’m from the Republic of Ghana. I’m passionate about business and entrepreneurship

Seidu Abdul-Rahim is a third year Computer Science student at the University for Development Studies.

I'm Abdul Rahim, a Ghanaian graduated with masters from a renowned university in China. Started a business poultry farming and employed few people.

I am female entrepreneur in the field of agriculture and I am passionate about farming.

Finance professional turned CEO leveraging my financial expertise to drive sustainable growth.

My name is Abdul-lateef Afolasade Ruqayyah, a graduate of University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria, whose discipline is Agriculture. I graduated with second class upper division and have a certificate for foundations of UX design.

Always driven, goal oriented with an insatiable thirst to succeed and passionate about making a difference. That's me

I am a graduate of Accounting and have passion for teaching and learning. I would love to impact the lives of people with my services.

I am Aminat Abdulazeez, a native of Osun State, was raised in the vibrant city of Kaduna. My academic journey led me to Kaduna State University, where I earned a degree in Industrial Chemistry. My educational background reflects my fascination with the application of chemistry in industrial settings, showcasing my analytical skills and passion for scientific exploration.

Apart from my academic pursuits, I am known for my active participation in extracurricular activities and community engagements. My leadership qualities and dedication to making a difference have led me to contribute to various social causes, displaying a commitment to societal development.

My combination of academic achievements and community involvement underscores my holistic approach to learning and my desire to effect positive change within my community.

I am Azeezat Abdulazeez by name, A student of Kwara State University, Shoe Maker and a Product Designer in view.

A self-motivated software developer who is passionate about solving problems in the field of agriculture using technology.

My name is Abdulazeez Ibrahim and I'm 21yrs old a student of ibrahim BADAMASI babangida university lapai Niger state, I'm an indigine of ilorin in kwara state

I am an Award winning innovative engineering graduate & entrepreneur with great passion for humanity, I am a good team player, with good, resilience and problem solving skills.

I'm a Student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. I'm a tech enthusiast with qualitative knowledge of Digital Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, and IT Support Specialist.

An humanitarian, teach savvy and student

Ubana Abdulhafeez, 22, resides in Keffi, Nasarawa. A 300L Medical Lab Science student at Uni of Jos. Recently chosen as a Roqqu Campus Ambassador. Savvy in academic and ambassadorial roles.

I'm an English instructor with 3years experience and I've worked with major companies. As I've graduated in2023 from higher institute of Languages& Translation English department.

Simple hard working and straight forward