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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

I like to explore, innovate, and learn. Reading and writing books, journals, poems, and blogs and delivering speeches is where I excel. I love to interact.

My name is Aakash Kumar and I live in Bejnor district of Uttar Pradesh. I have passed my graduation in History from Gurukul Kangari University in 2021.I am looking for financial assistance to continue my studies which I accept in any form: (fellowship, job )

A decade of experience as an environmentalist and sustainability leader, expertise in marketing/technology/sustainability equips me to drive impactful change.

hello i am a cofound of kush kitty llc trying to get our business more main stream and succesful, we've been working on our business since the beginning of covid and actually got our business open and registered legally this last month. im searching for mentors and partners to guide me through entreprenuership

I'm Aamir Siddique 24 years old.I did my graduation in distinction and awarded a gold medal. I,m an active member of UN volunteers.

I am a passionate Aviator with a drive to empower engineering students for success in the aerospace and aviation industry, through access to unique growth opportunities.

A graduate of Business Education with major in Office Technology and Management. Passionate about Fashion.

I'm an industrial chemist, interested in agricultural based businesses

I am aravind from lives in khammam city with my family. I did my schooling in 12th in a school in the city. Now I’m graduated my bachelor’s at lovely professional University

A Passionate Singer with an Entrepreneurial Mind aspiring to Create A Worldwide Impact.

My name is Aaron Page and I have been in the Allied Health field for 30+ years. I am a Gulf war veteran who currently works as a dental assistant and dental assistant instructor.

I am a passionate individual who believes in making use of the available resources to create a meaning in the community.

Elekwachi Aaron Chisom has been listed in the Top 30 under 30 Global Change-makers.
He is a Blended Marketing expert, an Author, and the founder of NamNet Enterprises.

jeune éco entrepreneur attesté par IFDD, ayant une idée de la création d'entreprise dans le secteur ODD de l'ONU (santé et développement durable)

I am a student of the Start'z College Science and Technology. I'm a young volunteer who wants to be a humanitarian.

I am currently in the last year of my high school and will be passing out this year.
I am an academically inclined student and I have a passion for learning new things.

My name is Aarzoo and i m 26. I recently moved to Canada from India. I had completed my master’s degree in commerce in 2018

I have strong analytical and numerical skills and I am keen to work in an environment where I can develop my skills and knowledge alongside industry professionals.

My name is Aayat Aziz and, I am a senior at TISB. I come from a conflict zone and I am passionate about serving my community. I want to study business to break shackles.

I have triple masters in convergent Journalism, Public Administration, and Urdu literature. I have written a book, “Marginalisation in Kashmir”. I am the founder of two companies.

I come from the Ibibio speaking tribe of Nsit Ubium Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. I had my primary and secondary school education in Calabar.

Abasiodiong is a highly resourceful and enthusiastic volunteer.

My name is Mark, Abasiofiok from Akwa Ibom a university graduate with entrepreneur mindset of building a lucrative business here in Nigeria

I have a great interest in digital publishing and my vision is to "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"

I am Olamide Egbetola, my vision is to create an impact with content, building brand reputations and a keen focus towards SEO details

Abass Umar Thullah is a Human Rights Defender, Community Development and Youth Advocate. He’s the Founder and CEO, at Advocacy for Human Rights and Justice-SL (CBO).

I am Abatesi Valerian, passionate about fighting for children's rights who are being abused by their families domestically.

I'm Ogunleye Abayomi, i studied Economics Education at Olabisi Onabanjo University. I am an entrepreneurer

I am a Banker and Chartered Accountant.. I also run a fish farm. The farm has been very successful after our partnership with Fleuren & Nooijen in the Netherlands.

I'm an ict savvy individual. I help struggling businesses through social media marketing to get large audience and increase sales.

Experienced Health, Safety & Environmental Professional. Skilled in developing strategies for effective risk management, influencing and challenging organizations to develop sustainable cultures which achieve positive and proactive outcome, consistent problem-solving skill, competency, capacity and team building. To invest work with enduring legacy, commitment to excellence and development, while enjoying job satisfaction. I am well trained, multi-cultured, hardworking, confident, matured, self-motivated, responsible, reliable, skilled individual

I'm Akande Abayomi David the founder of DAVREM FARM LTD, we are into rearing, processing and sales of broiler birds, snails and food processing. Our vision is to become household name in the agricultural industry in Nigeria with quality contribution to national food production ratio and economic development. We plan to look at new ways to raise, process and package poultry product and other of our food products such as beans flour, yam flour and plantain flour by using technologies such as automated processing and packaging that improve efficiency and reduce costs. With this in view we can increase our social impact by creating for employment opportunity and also increase the profitability of the business.

I am an entrepreneur in Nigeria who has a passion for exploring new opportunities, meeting people and leveraging on collaborations to drive impact.

I'm modern thinker but also believe in good opinion given by good evidence

I graduated from TASUED studied computer science and founded Abbasoft Technologies ( which provide IT support for companies, organizations and businesses.

I'm Abdullah here. I'm a professional web developer and doing from last 6 years and did many small & large scale project for different business industries.

I am twenty eight years old Abdalah Nyambi from Tanzania with over four years of experience in plastic recycling business.
I really enjoying on dealing with environmental issues.

My name is ABDALAH NYAMBI,a co-founder of PREYO, and i help a local community and corporate companies with the eco-friendly products such as flakes raw materials and eco-bricks.

I’m Abdulla Mahmoud. I’m Sudanese. spoken words poet & sonnets writer. I work as HS code translator & EDI Specialist in logistics Customs clearance company in Saudi Arabia

I am Abdallah Kara from Chad. i am 35years old. i am an entrepreneur and my startup is named VONATI+.

my name is Abdallah Alshaer, I'm from Palestine, I'm a mechanical engineer and a computer scientist

CEO "Hagos Enterprise". A YALI fellow, SDG7 advocate, an entrepreneur, 400level EE engineering student, tech enthusiast & front-end developer.

I'm abdelazizhassan
21 Year's old
i study commerceat ain shamsuniversity

Hello, this is Abdul Wadud from Algeria. I hold a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry. I love traveling and meeting new people with diverse cultures. I respect all religions and personalities, and I do not care about age or gender.

I'm a recent graduate from university of Khartoum, Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering department and currently learning Data Science

I'm an Egyption high school student. I have passion for learning and self-developing. My favourite sport is swimming.Recently I had developed a passion in writing blogs on Instagram.

I am Abderrahmane Sarr. I am from Mauritania. I have a passion for entrepreneurship that’s why I run a commercial and retail store. I am also a country coordinator for SDD/APJAS.

My name is abdiaziiz and i live in somalia, Mogadishu. I was born in 1999. My education is up to university level and studied faculty of engineering departement mechanic.

I am Abdihakin , i obtained bachelor of business administration as well currently on the merge of wrapping MBA. Im passionate of digital enterpreurship as we as innovation

I am humanitarian professional with over 6 years of experience in both private and international organizations.

An enterprising individual seeking to pursue the attainment of a rewarding career.

Greetings, I'm Abdirahim Omar. I'm a master's student in civil engineering at the University of Nairobi right now. My interests are management and entrepreneurship.

Financier, programmer, Fellow POSCO Asia Fellowship 2021 and JACAFA the Nippon Foundation.
Founder of startup Battery Recycling.
Co-founder Wet bass is a musical association

am young Entrepreneour and student in the collage of Food processing, i have an skill which is Homemade soap and shampoo making.

Am a junior medical doctor did bachelor of medicine and surgery and postgraduate diploma in Tropical medicine. Currently am pursuing MPH, Epidemiology and disease control

Hi, I'm Abdishakur from Somalia. I'm currently a co-founder of Alamtara, an online education provider specializing in intersection of business and technology.

Talented economist with extensive experience in running small businesses

I am a young Burkinabe passionate about the field of technology, very dynamic in my commitments, I have a sense of work well done and endowed with this ability to motivate.

I am ANOU Abdoul-Nasser, I am Nigerian and I am 36 years old since September 15th.

En 2019, j’ai créé une entreprise de production biologique des légumes tels que la tomate, le piment, la carotte, le concombre, le chou, l’haricot vert, la laitue.

entrepreneur with strong background in rural engineering. I’ve started my entrepreneurial journey on 2021 with poultry,now building sustainable houses and rural infrastructures.

Je suis titulaire d'un diplôme de bac + 5 d'ingénieur technologue des produits Alimentaires.

Je suis Abdoulaye balde jeune diplômé en droit des affaires session 2015-2017 en République de Guinée l'entrepreneuriat est mon métier de rêve.

I am a 26 year old Gambian. I work as at FBNBank Gambia as a Business Performance Monitoring Officer.

I am a third year biology student at UTG, and pursing climate change diploma at HELP-Gambia. I am working on a project to build a bin to remove plastic from the ocean.

Nigérien, très passionner de l'entrepreneuriat, découvert et les nouveau connaissance, là c'est tout moi

I am Abdul Rehman, currently enrolled in BS Economics course at NUST, Pakistan. I am in my sophomore year and my expected year of graduation is 2023.

Have founded 3 companies and have impacted thousands of people all around the world. Raised a sustainable income.

My name is Abdul wahab. An undegraduate student of BBA hons in AU and belong to Islamabad, Pakistan. I want to learn new skills to become a better person.

My name is Abdul sahid I love with my mother and my step dad but more than a father to me ,I was attending St Edwards Senior school I was in the science faculty

I belong to Pakistan. I am a young academician studying Political Science at GCU Lahore. I want to play an optimistic role for the community through innovative research.

I'm doing my bachelor's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I'm in my last year and I also running a startup named Qiyaam as a CMO, it's enrolled in an incubation.

I'm a student. I've done my College in 2018 and now i'm doing graduatin from Punjab University. I belong to a farmer family in rural area of district Sheikhupura.

I'm The Founder of Ikigai The Art of Living to serve people in improving their lives with domains like Parenting, psychology, behavior sciences, emotional sciences and more.

I am hardworking, adaptable and ambitious professional with strong problem solving skills. I have high levels of self-motivation and determination to excel in my job and have a successful career, as well as make the company I work for be more competitive

I'm abdul basit from Pakistan .I'm passionate about learning online business skills and ways to start a business .

My name is AbdulQadeer and I am from Pakistan currently doing my bachlors degree in computer science from Mehran University Of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro,Pakistan.

My name is Abdul Ali and my last name is Hassilly. I am a senior student of civil engineering at Kabul University.

Abdul Basit is my name, I am 33 years old and a graduate of bachelor of arts in community development. I want to be one of the best entrepreneurs in the world in the future.

I am coming from a middle class family, and I have done my education in engineering now i am working as a VOIP engineer.

Am an highly driven and motivated individual that seeks ways to develop myself and my community as a whole

I'm an educational technology trainer who trains teachers how they can transcend the limitations of their classroom by learning how to teach with digital tools

Im 29 from Afghanistan i lobe business need to supporter caz ivdo my business from 0 and also need to this course caz some person give me info to start this.

My name is Abdul Qayyum Safi and I am a resident of jalalabad, Nangarhar province in Afghanistan. Now I live in west java, Bandung, Indonesia.

Student engineer, innovator and entrepreneur.

I am a passionate individual with a strong attachment to tech. I have a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a second degree in Economics.

Abdul Razak Bangura pursuing a bachelor degree in B.I.T. Black in complexion, small eyes but contoured face, wide nose and thick jaws. 4 feet 6 inches tall. Live in Port Loko.

Human Rights activist & Climate activist

I am a software professional with over a decade of software development experience. Besides my work, I mentor students in acquiring ICT skills & help nonprofits with technology.

I am currently studying Logistics and Procurement and at the same time an advocate that pledges his time, ideas, and money to his community. I am interested in leadership.

I am an Entrepreneur. I am a Managing Partner/President African Village Organization

My name is Abdulateef Maryam Bamidele. I am a citizen of Nigeria, and hails from Osun State. I am 21 years old.
I attended my primary, secondary school in my State of Origin and my tertiary institution in Federal University of Technology Minna where I am currently studying Surveying and Geoinformatics.
During my stay in the university I learnt a lot of entrepreneurship skills such has digital marketing, affiliate marketing etc.

I am an Award winning innovative engineering graduate & entrepreneur with great passion for humanity, I am a good team player, with good, resilience and problem solving skills.

Abdulazeez is a Pharmacist with zeal for the development of healthcare solutions for low and middle income earners

Muhammad Abdulazeez Isah know as Abdul is a young entrepreneur who believe in struggling to make a better life not only himself but with his family

I am Abdulazeez Tiwalade Adebanjo, a native of Ogun State. I work and live in Ikorodu, Lagos. I acquired Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education.

My name is Abdulaziz Muhammad born and raise in North Eastern Nigeria. Happily Married with 2 children.

I’m a self-taught progressing digital entrepreneur, with experience in website design & social media mgt. I am enthusiastic to procure solutions to 21st-century business problems.

I am Abdulgafar Abdulrauf Adio I hail from ogun state, I gain my first degree in economics at Kwara State University.