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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

I am a legal practitioner with years of experience in general business and real estate law, with interest in starting a business venture that yields profit.

I am resourceful, dedicated, and adaptive to new tech and systems.

Izunna Ikewete is an experienced network/cyber-security engineer by profession with great passion to build a legacy for young ones in the educational and agricultural sector.

I am Munir from Edo state, Nigeria, and I am a software developer. I am currently a mentor at the buildforsdg program sponsored by Facebook and Andela.

I'm Jethro. In January 2020, I started my first business, and in August 2020, I started my second business while still in school.

Image & Growth Consultant; Disruptive Thinker; Founder; Design Thinking + Economy + Technology.

Inspiring and leading growth on the African continent.

Scott has over 7 years experience in public administration, leadership and entrepreneurship coaching, and peace advocacy gained through academics and networks.


A student at the University of Ghana who pursued the public administrative course and has successfully engaged in running a limited liability company.

I am Chinonso Nwajagu, a student, and also a tech enthusiast.

Chinecherem is currently a student at the University of Nigeria, studying Crop Science. Chinecherem has gotten certificates of some skills acquisition.

Eniolorunda is well equipped with the necessary arms to enhance innovation and engage sustainable business ideas; particularly as regards thriving in Student Communities.

I'm a Career Accelerator, Tech survy, project manager

I am an accountant, with an interest in Finance, Strategy, and Analytics.
I recently co-founded a logistics startup that helps local consumers to access international markets.

I am a young, smart, tech, and product savvy. I'm passionate about improving human lives, providing solutions, and building businesses.

I am 23 years old, running a youth initiative called wetalk series Uganda that uses stories and advocacy documentaries to advocate for the health rights of women and girls.

I went on to learn a trade after college, and now, I just started a small scale business hoping to scale it up beyond limits.

I'm a business savvy. I'm a problem-solving introvert, who loves to empower people. I hate excuses and I believe in results.

I'm an individual who doesn't seem to know when to give up.

I'm an ambitious team player and fighter.

I founded Bahnhof Global in 2016, OpenPark Nigeria in 2019, with business interest in Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Travel, and Logistics.

I am the founder of House Of Trust, Empowerment, and Opportunity, which is focused on family and adolescent care.

I was one of the two winners in a pitch competition organized by the TFOLC Bishop's court Unit and raised funds to start up an agro-processing business in 2019.

I have some personal achievements. I have volunteered in some networks and NGOs in helping to reach the poor in my community.

I studied Philosophy. I was a member of the electoral body. I was the vice president of my (CDS) group. I was the chairman of the debate committee in my school.

Prince Makafui Nanewortor is a graduate in Agricultural Science. I currently work with Ghana Cocoa Board

I'm Obia Chinanu Okezi, from Umuosu Nsulu, in Isiala Ngwa North LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. I am an HND graduate from IMT Enugu.

I am one of the top students in my school.

I'm Awoyemi Praise-God, a 500-level Veterinary Medical student at the University of Ibadan. I am a member of the World Youth Forum, a climate change advocate, and an innovator.

I'm a graduate of Swansea University, where I was 1 of 4 Africans on my B.Sc. course and the only African on my M.Sc. course. I was involved in two pilot studies, and created a medical device.

Dominic is an impact-driven entrepreneur, focused on providing easy and suitable ways of being effective in society.

I'm Bello Imam Bello from Kano state, Nigeria. I'm a graduate from Mansoura University, Egypt.

I'm a versatile, intuitive person with multiple untapped talents, who is currently in the civil service. I'm vibrant with the Aries personality, and I have a burning desire to learn.

I’m Daniel Olabemiwo. I'm currently a student, an entrepreneur, and a web developer who is currently working at SIMDOLS TECHNOLOGY. I volunteer with Read and Think.

I possess strong leadership and interpersonal skills, deployed to meet and exceed business and marketing objectives.

It is my belief that in order for us to profer solutions to our problems, humans must come together to share ideas and experiences, to foster growth and expedite progress.

I am a serial entrepreneur with an interest in tech, agriculture, and payment. I am also a co-founder of

Je suis de nature calme, curieux, j'aime apprendre, affronter les nouveaux defis

I'm a 200-level student of English at the University of Uyo. I own a fashion house, currently with two apprentices.

I'm a writer, who is passionate about disruptive innovation in e-business.

I'm an Executive Director of DPH NEWS, and managing director of Dannani Palace. With my business, I have successfully equipped over five hundred women with entrepreneurship skills.

I was the first female class representative in University of Uyo, I became the best teacher during and after my service year,Am a God fearing,Easy going and Energetic person.

I am a youth advocate and volunteer. I'm the Communications Associate at TransparencIT Nigeria, a ONE Champion 2019/2020, and the State Secretary of YALI Network, Kaduna.

I'm Anas Hassan Nabala from Kebbi state in Nigeria. I'm a Computer Engineering graduate from Isfop University.

Chijioke Ahaneku is an artist, and a tech entrepreneur, with domain in designing and developing android applications. He is a theTopPerson ambassador, and Founder/CEO/CTO of Ntapi.

I am a passionate health advocate, counselor, and social entrepreneur. My brand, Ashar Fresh, helps people lead healthier lives through balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

I'm proficient in accounting information systems and management strategies.

I am a municipal policeman under Marondera Municipality. I'm also currently enrolled at Zimbabwe Open University, undertaking my Bachelor's degree in Development Studies.

Climate Change and Environmental Management Scientist.

I reach out to all members of my community with passion, commitment, love, honesty, and care, as I deliver services to them.

Elvis is a 27-year-old Ugandan clean-energy social entrepreneur and environmentalist. He’s committed to change the mindset that most people have towards carbon emissions.

I'm an experienced tech-savvy and biomedical sales professional with a drive to birth and serve health-tech solutions to solve practical problems in healthcare across Africa.

I'm Roda Bilal Ismael. I am Djiboutian by nationality. Currently, I am a full-time enrolled postgraduate student at Karadeniz Technical University.

I am a 3rd-year Business administration student. I like to improve myself.

I am a graduate of Education Physics and I'm seeking to diversify my talent and skills.

I'm Moses Joshua, a graduate of Business Administration and Management. I also hold a certificate in website development.

I studied Engineering Physics at the university. Now, I work as a software engineer for a consultancy firm. I am a Data Science practitioner.

I am Jimson Israel Oluwaseun. I was born in Ogun State, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Lagos State Polytechnic, Nigeria. I own a Higher National Diploma in Chemical Engineering.

I am an undergraduate and also an entrepreneur. I am currently the Vice President of the NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES ENGINEERING STUDENT'S ASSOCIATION (NUESA, OAUSTECH CHAPTER).

I'm a graduate of Plant Science and Technology, who have embarked on a CBN/World Bank project and a treasurer on several occasions.

I am a passionate, highly motivated, and enthusiastic ICT professional with over 5 years of experience in software development. I have an entrepreneurial mindset.

I'm an avid learner and a futurist, driven to take on new challenges. Read my bio at

I'm Ghazali Hussain, born in Kumbotso Local Government Area, Farawa, Kano state, Nigeria.

I'm Blaise Anih, living in Enugu State, Nigeria. I have a B.Sc. in Architecture, and I manage an agricultural farm.

I am a First Class Civil Engineering graduate and an awardee of the Talented Young Scientists of Nigeria.

I'm Akilu Mustapha, born, and brought up in Zaria, Nigeria. I'm a self-employed chemical engineer working on some renewable energy systems.

I started my first business at the age of 10. I ventured into tech while at the university. Working for a start-up exposed me to the endless possibilities in tech.

I am the founder of the Real Estate Professionals Association of Nigeria (REPAN), and currently looking to launch a PropTech service in Nigeria.

I'm a very zealous human when it comes to goal-getting, but I'm not a too serious individual, because I also have my fun.

I'm a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Bachelor’s degree holder in Industrial Mathematics.

I have a Higher National Diploma in Chemical Engineering. I learnt business trade for twelve years. More also, I have served in different leadership positions.

I am a very resourceful, data-driven individual, with a proven track record in implementing successful marketing strategies, excellent writing, and communication skills.

I am the founder of Schoolinka. I'm a 2018 Kectil colleague, 2018 TeachSDGs ambassador, 2019 Orange Corners grantee, and 2019 Peace First grantee.

I'm a Distinction Bachelor's degree holder in Computer science.

Samuel Ajala is the Founder of DANI, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and advocating for sustainable development across rural and underserved communities in Africa.

I am the owner of Shangkinan Farms and the Founder of Young Alliance Network. I have always loved to learn new skills because it helps me to do better at work and business.

I am a Master's degree holder in Engineering.

I'm a self-motivated and result-oriented personality with years of experience working online and managing virtual teams.

I'm Cameroonian, from the South-West region of Cameroon. I hold a B.Sc. and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marketing.

I am a software developer and I have a resilient attitude. I transitioned into a career as a developer from a biology background within seven months and got my first role.

Jehoshaphat is a well-trained gentleman who is ready to unlearn and relearn from other people to improve upon his career.

I'm a graduate of Benson Idahosa University and an alumnus of Accra Business School. I won Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Africa.

I aspire to set up a frozen foods business. I have acquired knowledge at Ogun State Ministry of Commerce and Industry in partnership with SMEDAN on the business idea.

I am Ogagaoghene David Gbikeke, a graduate of accounting from the University of Benin. A budding entrepreneur and an experienced volunteer with YALI and Prikkle academy.

I'm Toby Olodipe. I am passionate about the SDGs particularly on decent work and youth empowerment.

I’m a digital marketing professional with a specialty in email marketing and customer value optimization.

I'm Emmanuel Adubazi Olorunfemi. I run a multimedia company called Blueknoll Communications. I also started a logistics company called BCELogistics.

I am an experienced software developer and administrator with vast knowledge in ICT and Administrative.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) with over five years of working experience. Also, I've worked with some top firms in Lagos, Nigeria.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Agriculture from the University of Uyo. I have 2 years of experience as a health worker, and 7 years of experience in the agricultural sector.

I am the co-Founder of eWoundHelp and the founder of Telessaude.

Jabiru Muazu is a school teacher and also a tailor by profession.

I am a realtor. Personally, I have registered my company and I am about to start running it.

I graduated from the Institute of Rural Development Planning. I worked at Petrofuel for a few months as a Sales and Marketing Officer, and at TCRA as a Researcher Surveyor.

I am an enthusiastic civil engineering graduate with a keen interest in seeing a self-sustaining continent (Africa) through inventions and innovations.

I'm a young graduate with an interest in strategy, SMEs, and human capital development. I'm seeking opportunities to impact the world one person and business at a time.

I am a gentleman, straightforward, simple, and open to learning and positively impacting people's lives.

I am an Electrical Engineer and Project Management professional.

Civil Engineering Student, Passionate about new technologies and startups.