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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

I am a military veteran married 13yrs with 3 great, kind and respectful kids. I'm loyal, loving, funny, and responsible individual if others were to sum me up in 4 words.

I AM Aliu Oluwashina Agunbiade ,a graduate of Computer Science and Mathematics, an educator , and also an entrepreneur.

Hi my name is Shaquille Hanes Im a wife and mother of four im a bubbly outgoing positive person I love socializing with new people I'm excited for this new chapter in my life

I'm Toby Palmer and I'm hiring experienced freight brokers who wants good salary

MY name is Dwayne and I am the owner of Asap Dispatch Services A on-demand expediting platform. And I always wanted to help people an always wanted to be a business owner, or own my own company. I started my company for my family and financial freedom im God fearing and hungry

Academic university staff aspiring to launch a social enterprise delivering healthcare interventions to improve lives and reduce health inequality in underserved communities. Passionate about impact.

My name is Eionshafae Evans,, I am 38 years old and I have no children. I really want to start up my cleaning business for senior citizens where I am able to help them. I have a soft spot in my heart for senior citizens and my business will be tailored towards helping them. I am unemployed and will love this grant money to start up my business getting everything that is needed.


I am a budding entrepreneur in the aerospace industry with a background in mechanical engineering and a passion to commercialize space.

I am 24 year old stay at home mom and also own a small business I will be attending business school pretty soon as well

I'm Olawunmi Adefemi Igbintade by name. Am from Oyo state Ibadan to be precise
Am a student of National Open University Of Nigeria , BSC Computer science
I would love to learn more in ur great foundation
And I will be glad if am favourable considerd

Born and bread in South Africa the land of hope and unity , I am Phindile Lillian Rasmeni ,Founder /owner of Sky Kiddies corner , a clothing Brand and store that focuses on raising unity and peace through clothing , our goal is to sell clothing made in different parts of Africa and Abroad to ad diversity to different fabrics and textiles ,our store is for the future ,our target market are the kids , to teach them different fashion trends from Africa and abroad .

Stenley Adrien, a passionate and resilient Haitian-born Data Analyst and Sales Engineer, aims to join the Savvy Fellowship to blend compassion and tech innovation, making a heartfelt global impact.

I'm a 29-year-old new entrepreneur passionate about launching my own business. Seeking innovative ways to generate funds, I aim for financial freedom and a successful entrepreneurial journey.

Out going, networking for new opportunities, skillful, hard working, new ideas

I am a hardworking, honest, self-motivated young man who intends to use my knowledge, skills and abilities to enhance the quality of service I provide, dispite my disabilities. I am proficient in the area of communication, both written and spoken. I will definitely be an asset to your organization. To help grow my business, Thank you.

"I'm Fowzia Mused, an expert in strategic planning. I excel in crafting effective strategies and driving organizational success. Passionate about innovation and continuous improvement."
Always eager to learn and connect with others."

I am Ekua Graham Acquaah.I am a food Scientist by profession .I have both an u graduate and masters degree in food Science.I also have about 4 years in food Manufacturing.

am Norrea Kelly, a determined and resilient individual with a passion for business and a drive for success. I will graduate in the summer of 2024 and am currently pursuing business management studies at Minneapolis Tech College. I am dedicated to honing my skills in business management, drawing from a wealth of experience gained from various industries and companies. Born into a large family as the eldest of seven siblings, I learned responsibility and leadership from a young age. Having navigated the challenges of life independently since the age of 14, I developed a strong sense of self-reliance and resourcefulness that continues to shape my approach to both personal and professional endeavors. With an innate ability to adapt to diverse environments, I have thrived in different roles and settings, demonstrating my versatility and adaptability. My hands-on experience in various industries has equipped me with a keen understanding of business operations, customer relations, and organizational management. Despite facing obstacles along the way, I remain undeterred in my pursuit of excellence. My tenacity, coupled with my natural leadership skills, enables me to overcome challenges with resilience and determination. My unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth serves as an inspiration to those around me, motivating others to strive for their aspirations. Outside of my academic and professional pursuits, I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring new opportunities for growth, and giving back to my community. With a bright future ahead, I am poised to make a lasting impact in the world of business and beyond.

My name is Dominique, I’m a single mom and entrepreneur. I’m currently looking to begin nursing classes in the fall to become a medical esthetician. I love everything about beauty.

I'm Brandon Taylor from Lagrange Ga ,I started cutting hair at 12 and at 45 I'm still passionate about it . proud dad of 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters , my love for barbering endures

Communications and Public Relations professional with 10 years of experience in managing high-profile accounts in banking, finance, health, ICT, innovation, renewable & sustainable energy, sports, and technology sectors. Recognised for orchestrating successful presidential campaigns, leading strategic communications for diverse international clients, and securing over 1600 media hits valued at over $1.5 million. Adept at developing and implementing impactful communication strategies, cultivating stakeholder relationships, and delivering exceptional outcomes in dynamic environments. Demonstrated experience in formulating impactful communication campaign strategies for major entities in diverse sectors, including Rugby Africa and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy.

Am Edna wanaswa ,am 30years old from Kenya.Am entrepreneur I run business of selling liquid detergents and i would wish to learn more about entrepreneur new skills and knowledge and explore globally.

My name is Ruth Mwanza I was born on 14th September 1992. Am a Zambian citizen with five siblings of which am the only one who has completed school. I have a diploma in Food and Nutrition, am right now running a grocery shop with an initial capital of 320USD. I sale different food products on my shop but want to increase baking and fast food products. I have cooked meals for different occasions like parties and weddings I have also done wedding decorations. I have done cakes for parties as well.

I'm a geneticist and I live in Misiones (Argentina), in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. I have knowledge in statistics and in the development and execution of projects.

My name is Engr. Oshin Ola Austin. I am a Christian from Ondo State in Nigeria. I hold a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Power System Engineering Option, from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria with an excellent Eight years experience both in the field of power System Engineering and in classroom teaching.
I am currently pursuing my PhD Programme in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State in Nigeria. By The Grace of THE ALMIGHTY GOD, I am a lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Elizade University, Ilara- Mokin, Ondo State, Nigeria. My excellent working attitudes, hardworking and good relationship with both staff, students and clients have been found to be an outstanding tracks of good records.

I have worked in the low income housing industry for the past 10 years total. I've worked in Section 8 housing and also senior and disabled housing. While a very rewarding field of work, I found myself stuck in a position with no advancement or continued training. I was also trading my time and didn't have much energy once the day was done. Therefore, I decided to leave my full-time job and focus solely on starting my business. I do not have the best credit and did not have much capital saved up so I am constantly looking for grant opportunities. I am hopeful that something will come through so I can reclaim my freedom and create generational wealth for my children.

I am a 37-year-old African American woman who has devoted her life to helping others as a Licensed Independent Social Worker based in Massachusetts. In November 2023, I took a significant step in my career by establishing my private practice dedicated to providing support to individuals coping with mental health challenges, particularly those who are dealing with trauma from their childhood or adult experiences. My personal journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, having overcome poverty and homelessness to achieve my dreams, including purchasing my first home in January 2020.

Beyond my professional aspirations, I am a proud mother to three amazing daughters, aged 6, 12, and 18. My eldest daughter will be pursuing a degree in Psychology in the Fall of 2024, with the same passion for helping others as I have. I am committed to making a positive impact, one person at a time, and I strive to continue this throughout my career.

My name is Martha Mwambo, founder and Managing Director of Haifa Enterprises, an 8 acre farm located in Ntcheu district in the Central region of Malawi. This is a sole-proprietorship business venture established in October 2019. The farm business employees 5 full-time workers and 2 part-time workers.

I am a professional agriculture practitioner having specialized in crops production post harvest handling, farm machinery operation and maintenance, as well as farm management. I have worked as a farm manager for over 9 years on a big commercial farm, I have leadership and communication skills that help me in the day-to-day running of my business.
Am a widow with four children.

Man of God. Man of values and of principles. I take pride in my work and take delight in helping others. Not for backend compensation but for upfront gratification.

A passionate data analyst, tech enthusiast with a strong foundation in data analysis and web development. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Operations Research, I'm eager to learn and grow in emerging technologies. With expertise in R, Python, SQL, and data visualization, I bring a unique blend of technical and analytical skills to every project. I'm a fast learner, detail-oriented, and a team player. Committed to continuous learning, I'm always looking for new ways to improve my skills. Let's connect and explore opportunities to drive innovation and solve complex problems together

Educator and community leader who founded Suisy Lu to advocate for educational equity in underserved communities

Hello, I am a full time High School teacher and a single mother for 3 beautiful daughters. I also run a side hustle business by hosting International students from different countries. International students can have short stays or long stays and attend American shools. I am hoping to extend the business by hosting more than one student. Everything is so expensive now and having one or two students are really not worth the time and effort for the extra income.

Soy experta en derechos humanos y desarrollo social, con experiencia en proyectos y emprendimiento. Cofundadora de ODELOT SPACE, busco soluciones innovadoras para un futuro equitativo.

I am a serial entrepreneur, I started my journey while serving the country back in 2017. I started a business in e-comm where I leveraged products and services through Amway where I developed interpersonal skills as well as personal development and business etiquette. I also learned the power of great relationships. From there I had a life insurance business where I was really educated on financial literacy and how to perpetuate wealth. Now I have my own business which revolves around day trading in the financial markets. I wanted to take everything I have learned so far to be able to provide value to the world. My goal is to empower people with the skill to day trade to be able to have time to and leverage over their own life.

Curious & driven individual passionate about social impact. Seeking Savvy Fellowship to develop skills, collaborate & drive positive change.

im an electronics and telecommunications engineering student at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences. im very passionate about spreading the power of technology to rural communitites where there is limited access to technologies. im a chairperson of TechOn Malawi, a social Enterprise focused on bridging the technology gap between the rural communities and urban.

Soy un joven y ambicioso emprendedor de Mexicali, México, y hablo siete idiomas impresionantes. Nací en un pequeño pueblo chino en el norte de México, tengo una formación diversa y una amplia gama de intereses, que incluyen escribir canciones, jugar voleibol universitario y trabajar como traductora de español a chino. A los 15 años comencé mi primera empresa de venta de productos chinos, mostrando mi espíritu emprendedor desde muy joven.

As a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My background spans construction, administrative work, and technical expertise in Python, SEO, email, and Excel. At the core of my work ethic lies a deep-seated commitment to organization and integrity. I approach every task with a meticulous eye, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and every job is completed to the highest standard. My integrity is the guiding principle that informs my interactions and decisions, fostering trust and respect among colleagues and clients alike. With a proactive mindset and a hands-on approach, I am always ready to tackle challenges head-on, delivering results that not only meet but exceed expectations. My dedication to seeing a job through from start to finish, coupled with my unwavering moral compass, makes me a reliable and valuable asset to any team.

I grew up in a village with a population of 100, working in the fields, selling produce, and learning carpentry. I always had a passion for sports, which led me to become a national athlete. After graduating, I founded traditional businesses but later transitioned to tech to pursue smarter ventures. That's where I am now.

Gasana Timothy, Executive Director of Life Redefined International, champions youth empowerment, mental health, reproductive rights, and climate action, driving sustainable development in Uganda.

I am a new graduate seeking to gain experience and work in a useful field, and I hope that you can help others through the experiences I have gained.

Where do i start my name is Shaneria DeLoatch I am a 39 year old mother of 3 and a wife my husband have have been the bread winner for 16 years. Working hard for other peoples company only to get sick with heart failure. Its time to start doing something that bring in generation wealth I am tried of working pay check from pay check. Life is not easy but having something that makes you proud and you are helping people is amazon.
My dream is to start a small community for elderly people and disabled people. With cna's and that are skilled and are care that are willing to help. I have been a cna for 21 years I know a lot of the out and ends of assistant with elderly but don't no the out and ends of running a business and creating resorts. This community will help me grow and also pass down what I have learned to my kids.

Hi I am Maria I’m 52 years old and have been working as a housekeeper for many years. I am a mother of two. Through my children's younger years I stayed at home taking care of them while also serving as a the director for my church and doing house cleaning jobs to work around them. We moved from southern CA to North Dakota in 2017 during the last years of my kids high school years. I’m currently working for Dickinson State university as a custodian and my kids are attending school there as well. recently decided to start a legal business and would like help in building it up. I would like to have an app attached to it along with sales and tutorial videos available through the app. Starting now has been challenging. For that reason I am taking some classes. I started classes in Speech, Phycology and leadership. I will also be taking digital design courses along with some other computer courses. I know I am above the age limit however I believe I can benefit from this program.

I hold a bachelor's degree in farmer's communication and have accumulated 10 years of experience as an Animal and Vegetable farmer. This diverse background has provided me with extensive knowledge in both animal husbandry and crop cultivation. I am recognized for my dynamic and strategic approach to farming, which allows me to make swift and effective decisions. My ability to collaborate and work well within a team environment is one of my key strengths, and I am dedicated to achieving and surpassing set goals. My work ethic is driven by a commitment to excellence, ensuring that I consistently deliver high-quality results. My blend of practical farming experience and strong communication skills positions me as a valuable contributor to any agricultural or related venture.

I am a Mother turned Entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching children of age 2-18 the intersection of Faith, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Emmanuel Nnaemeka Vitus is a cybersecurity analyst, local government technologist, project manager, photojournalist and digital research specialist with a distinguished track record of leading AI-focused initiatives, consistently delivering groundbreaking results in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and financial innovation.

I'm Sabrina Barakzai resident of Afghanistan I'm tellint girl who work 10 years in multiple positions like project Manager, Program officer, surveyor, field Assessor, marketing officer, poultry officer , business development mentor, public health Advisor, administration Assistant and more with national and international organizations.
now in Afghanistan women are banned from work and education I want to work and collaborate with a team to improve my ability and experience.

Passionate software engineer & educator with 10+ years of experience. Founder of Code It, Sis, empowering Black women to thrive in tech through coding bootcamps and supportive community.

Sagar Samy, a Media Studies gold medalist and AI advocate, excels in digital marketing and community development, with a passion for societal betterment and innovative AI applications.

Curious and a budding entrepreneur, I turn every idea into an opportunity. Passionate about innovation, I'm on a mission to change the world one initiative at a time.

My name is OluwaBunmi Anani, a teacher and an edu-preneur. I teach in Concordia College Yola where I also run the Think Tank STEAM and Entrepreneurship club. I am a life long learner and an edu-preneur with an unrelenting drive.

My name is Meron Asgedom and am university student in Ethiopia. I have big dream to change my family life and creating job opportunity for many unemployeds in my country. And I believed in God and my self as I can bring a change.

With a business administration degree and desire to be an outsiding business man I have the zeal and knowledge of wanting to give a service to clients.

A Brand Owner of A Up & Coming Clothing brand name LDS

I am driven by a strong desire for personal growth,continously seeking opportunities to broaden my horizons and create significant impact.My passion lies in mentoring and empowering other individual,sharing in their journey and helping them unlock their potential.

I am currently a dedicated student at Pandit deendayal energy university, pursuing a degree in My academic journey is marked by a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for operations, finance, sports, management which has been the driving force behind my active involvement in various projects and organizations on campus and at the current position

Currently at my college, I have honed my skills in socialising, sharing valuable insistes and I have applied these skills in both classroom settings and real-world applications. My experiences include my previous internships, where I have gained valuable insights and practical knowledge.

I thrive in collaborative environments and enjoy working on team projects that challenge me to think critically and creatively. I am particularly interested in finance, management, operations and I am eager to contribute to innovative solutions that can make a positive impact.

Outside of academics, I am involved in sport, club involvement which have helped me develop strong leadership and interpersonal skills. I am always looking for opportunities to grow and learn, and I am excited about connecting with professionals in my field to explore potential career paths and collaborative ventures.

Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to create something remarkable!

I am a Entrepreneur located in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. I own a marketing firm that specializes in Non-Profit and E-commerce

I am currently working to form my doula business. I was certified in July 2023 and my main focus is on first time parents in the POC and LGBTQ + communities. Maternal Healthcare is a topic near and dear to my heart.

My name is LilCrystal Dernier, and I’m the Founder and CEO of UrFuture, a software platform dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals with lived experience in foster care. I have a decade of experience working in the field of child welfare, beginning my career as a Volunteer Guardian Ad Litem. As someone who has personally experienced foster care and aged out of the system, I understand the barriers that young people face when trying to pursue their dreams.

Throughout my journey, I became the first in my family to graduate from high school and college, earning four degrees. I am also a first-generation entrepreneur, driven by a passion to create solutions that help others overcome the obstacles I once faced.

Hello My name is Kimberly I am the owner and creator of Sassy Chic Designs. SCD is a women's inspirational Jewelry brand. I have been in the Foster system, Homeless and Dropped out of HS. I have since obtained my GED. Had 3 children Worked my way up in every position I have had and started my Jewelry Brand in 2019. I started the brand to Inspire women just like myself. Women who have experienced hardship and need that extra boost of confidence and self love. My pieces are designed with words of empowerment. *Bold * Strong *Brave* Evolved. My pieces are stainless steel and adjustable for all women.

I am Terecka Brown, entrepreneur and creator of Source Hub. I empower grassroots nonprofits by providing essential consulting and resources. My mission is to bridge support gaps, helping communities thrive.

I’m Kristoph Wilson, a 27-year-old from Jamaica with a passion for media and marketing. Due to health issues, I’m pivoting to freelancing to leverage my skills and support myself.

Brianca Kirkman, MA is a Marketing Operations and Automations Consultant and the author of It Ain’t Rocket Science, Friend! How to Position Your Expertise, Build an Authentic Personal Brand, and Plan a Profitable Launch in 90 Days. Brianca specializes in helping executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs build, launch, and grow sustainable marketing systems through simple online marketing strategies and advanced automations. Brianca has assisted her clients in generating over $500,000 in first time launches and has coached over 600 women between three core programs since July 2020.

I introduce myself to you ikrame, I have my baccalaureate in physical sciences in 2023, then my license in economics, after my studies I had to do an internship in the ibn sina hospital, and exactly in the management department of stocks

I am a 29 year old female entrepreneur with a an interest in non pharmaceutical products.I am passionate about holistic well-being and my aim is to create a startup that offers high quality scientifically backed products.

Namuwaya Robinah Alice, 22 years. I am a Website Designer | Research Analyst and a Creative Director. I am a Christian and so passionate about what I do.

Hi, I am Ivan from North east India and I Upcycle plastic waste into various products

Pamela Wango is a SRHR champion and ally to the Deaf community. She is the lead thinker for Boo Brand, an african jewelery start up that sells products made by Deaf communities in Kenya.

Hello my name is Eboni Goods I am 25 years old serial entrepreneur. I am a mother and I started my business when I was 18. Started selling jewelry with my online store still selling jewelry now I am going to Jewelery school and furthering my education in my career

my name is Racheal chiwaya a third-year student at the university of business and applied science- MUBAS pursuing bachelor's degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering.

Founder of Bossed and Boujee, passionate about empowering young women entrepreneurs through education, mentorship, and community-building initiatives.

Saya memimpin dan menjalani usaha di PT. Nectars Natura Kaeya, industri dan perdagangan perawatan kesehatan kulit berbasis natural organik yang ekosistem rantai pasok bahan bakunya berasal dari hutan dan kebun organik yang saya bentuk bersama 30 petani organik lokal dan tim industriawan.

I am a vibrant and dynamic individual with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a passion for personal growth. My enthusiasm is contagious, and I approach life with a sense of wonder and curiosity, always seeking new experiences and opportunities to learn and improve.

Doctor of environment, vegan for 15 years, defender of nature, founder of the house of medicinal plants, author of 5 books on the environment, holder of twelve international trophies, chairman of the board of directors of the African observatory for monitoring climate, land, water and farm; chairman of the board of directors of the AMANLIZOUN TOGBOLETON foundation.

I am Shokufa Mohammadi. I was a law student. But now,I am an Afghan girl who makes local needlework handcrafts and makes money for her family's and herself's life expenses.

I am a passionate and dedicated freelancer engaged in virtual assistance, content writing and digital marketing. I always look forward to helping others achieve their key goals while I work behind the scenes.

My name is Gift Oseyomon, I'm originally fro Edo state, Nigeria, I have a national diploma in health promotion and education, my personality embodies a vibrant spirit with an insatiable curiosity about the world around me, I'm adventurous and always seeking new experiences and embracing challenges with enthusiasm

I am a 34 years old wife and mother of 3 boys. I currently have a event planning business as well as work full time as a medical assistant.

Latina entrepreneur diving into car flipping. Driven by passion, grit, and a love for cars. Turning wheels and dreams into reality, one vehicle at a time.

I am Fatma Zahra Maroc, from Algeria, PhD owner in clinical psychology, ceo and creator of Zahra clinic for psychotherapy.
6 years of experience as a university teacher, and more than 8 years of experience in clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
Our goal is to provide psychological care services in the region, educate about the importance of mental health, and provide training. In innovative way, by providing a reception space, getting closer through social media, and being present through a web platform.

السيد غنيم مصري الجنسيه حرفي واتمنا تتغير حياتي لرواد اعمال

my name is Asia Williams i'm from McDonough Ga. My business is located in Atlanta, I am a licensed medical aesthetician also in school for massage therapy and will be returning back to college to become a physician assistant I specialize in corrective skin care, hair removal and full body treatments.

I'm starting an agriculture business to improve food stability in my country. It's going to start on a small scale but over the years, I'm going to scale it to provide for more people.

I'm a mechatronics engineer passionate about technology innovation, aspiring to leverage my skills to create impactful tech solutions as a future techpreneur.

Dynamic Aeronautical Engineering Graduate with a Strong Academic Background and Sporting Achievements. With a strong
foundation in aerodynamics, propulsion systems, aircraft design, materials, and hands-on training, I am eager to apply my
theoretical knowledge and practical skills to contribute to the field of aerospace engineering and tackle the challenges of the
aerospace industry and drive innovation forward. Having completed my education through a combination of ICSE and CBSE
syllabi, I have developed a well-rounded skill set that encompasses both technical expertise and athletic achievements.

I’m the founder of Sun's Girls Organization, a passionate advocate for gender equality and women empowerment. I overcame societal barriers to pursue my education and dreams in Afghanistan’s society. I have a degree in dentistry and in Research. I am dedicated to support marginalized women through Taliban’s government. I founded Sun's Girls Organization to provide completely free education, mentorship, and opportunities for young girls to thrive. my innovative programs have uplifted countless lives and inspired positive change in the community.

I am 28 year old mom of 4 who passion is within the medical field. I am a certified nursing assistant as well as a certified medical assistant. Looking to open a medical scrub business.

I’m Jonelle McCollough, a resident of Montgomery, AL. I’m an HBCU graduate and I hold a Ph.D. in human resource management. I recently launched a conflict resolution consulting firm, Resolution Pro LLC. I am also a children’s book author. I aspire to help others today fostering a better tomorrow!

"I'm passionate about real estate innovation, leveraging technology to drive growth, and creating sustainable communities for future generations."

business-oriented, growth mindset and receptive to different perspectives.

I’m Jasmin Clyne, founder of Inclyne Wellness. As someone who struggled with childhood obesity that carried into adulthood, I know firsthand the challenges of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It wasn’t until I lost over 160 pounds and discovered a balanced way of living that I found my passion for helping others do the same.

Medecin ,entrepreneur et activiste humanitaire

Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at Blacknologist, specializing in small business consulting and event management. Passionate entrepreneur with a focus on strategy.

My name is Lakeitha Flowers. I currently have a Bachelors degree and Master's degree. I have learned to appreciate every aspect of life during the good moments and moments of challenge.

I'm Friba, MBA with 7 years' working experiences. Eager to start my own business and to be a successful entrepreneur, but I need comprehensive mentorship and expert guidance to succeed.

I am Nelson Owuor Kenyan citizen aged 35 years. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture with above academic standard.

I am a passionate agronomist, agri entrepreneur with over 7 years of experience dealing and handling farmers in various fields ranging from onsite training on agronomic services, IPM, GAP training, climate smart agriculture and regenerative agriculture.

I am Aniya Kassymova, a communications specialist and software engineer with expertise in digital content creation, data analysis, and project management. I aim to enhance my entrepreneurial skills.

I am an ambitious and passionate individual with great sense of humor