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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

Driven by a strong sense of motivation, I founded Perspective.Pk, a social enterprise aimed at positively showcasing Pakistan to the world.

Passionate NGO leader dedicated to empowering youth & fostering community growth. Experienced in project coordination, leadership, & social entrepreneurship.

‘Mantsebeng Suzan Maepe is a Pan-African feminist, social entrepreneur with a passion for women empowerment and youth development. She is also the founder of the Audacious Leaders Network, a youth-led organisation focused on equipping youths with capacity building for their enterprises, implementing leadership programs and sustainability etc. She completed an MSc in International Development, Social justice and sustainability.

Je suis actuellement doctorante en Executive DBA. Je suis titulaire d'un Master en management et commerce international et un Bachelor in business Administration en finance d'entreprise. Passionnée d'entrepreneuriat, je cherche à concrétiser mes idées via le programme Savvy Fellowship et recevoir un accompagnement.

Etudiante en médecine à la fmpc. Intéressée du monde d'entrepreneuriat et de santé, je vise à unifier les deux.

I am a is a visionary entrepreneur currently in South Africa, a Cameroonian by nationality and own a uk company with a passion for technology and innovation. As a computer scientist by profession, John is driven by a relentless pursuit of leveraging technology to revolutionize the e-commerce sector. With a diverse portfolio of online commerce businesses, including Shopify shops and a TikTok store, John has demonstrated his ability to harness digital platforms for success. His UK-based company is at the forefront of blending cutting-edge technology with e-commerce, paving the way for a new era of online retail

I am a curious and creative individual with a passion for learning and problem-solving. I enjoy exploring new ideas, connecting with people, and finding innovative solutions. With a positive attitude and adaptable nature, I thrive in diverse environments, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

I'm 32 years old criminologist and a single mother of one. I've always been passionate about tech and finding ways to make it accessible and profitable for those that are underprivileged.

In my current role as a medical Consultant. I'm responsible to work with a lot of Professional cross functional team like specialist.

A versatile professional with expertise in civil engineering and academia, holding multiple roles in project management and community outrage.

My commitment to innovation drives me to explore novel approaches and collaborate with diverse teams. I thrive on challenges and am dedicated to making a positive impact.

I'm Yasha Osby. I am from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a first-generation college student and attorney. I opened my law practice in 2022 and I practice in real estate and civil litigation.

Hello there!
I'm Sayed Aatif Jamal, an 11th grader aspiring social entrepreneur and the Head Boy of St. Columba's School, New Delhi.
My hobbies include gardening, photography, reading, coding and writing!
I've been leveraging the power of social media in order to build myself a personal brand on LinkedIn, which is where I first came across the term "Social Entrepreneurship" which is enroute to change my life!

I am a midwife from Uganda, a co-founder and Project Lead of Women Self-Inject Initiative a CBO which empowers women to take control of their reproductive health. I am a 2023 D-prize fellow and a 2021 CGI U fellow.

I am the founder of an organics recycling company, Taca Gro. We are converting food water into organic fertiliser for farmers to increase harvest value.

I graduated from pioneer international university with a degree in commerce, finance and my time in school made me realise I'd love to be an entrepreneur. Since then I'm passionate about creating small business to help me achieve this dream

Im a 41 year old man who enjoys sport and would love to own a big business.

I volunteer as a project officer at a children’s foundation and would love to explore expanding my new innovative business beyond horizons.

I am a personal development strategist, management consultant and an educator. I love to teach, coach and train young minds into becoming the best version of themselves.

CEO de HOCHEA AGRO SERVICES, Ehumon est un jeune entrepreneur agricole qui entend relever des défis agricoles au Bénin

My name is Lynn Kanana and I am a 3rd year medical student at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. I am passionate about women's health and simplifying complex medical knowledge into terms that locals in the community can understand with ease.

Former social entrepreneur and impact-oriented professional with over 8 years of global experience managing projects in the development sector.

I'm a Humanities' graduate thriving to build a futuristic project, raising awareness of business world in young talents.

I'm Keith Muyambo, a student eager to immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship Currently pursuing a Degree in Animal Production at Chinhoyi University of Technology.

Praise Akobo is a social entrepreneur who empowers young leaders, builds libraries from reused plastic bottles, offers vocational training with emotional support dogs and advocates for disability inclusion.

Pascal BALIBANGA Mbale is co-founder and coordinator of the BWIJA foundation, a founding member of the NGO "People in action international ", coordinator of NCM (Nazarene compassionate ministries) and a facilitator in leadership and project management. He holds degrees in development management and community development. He is the initiator of several development projects in his community, including projects to support the education of orphans and vulnerable children, a project to facilitate access to education for vulnerable children, a project to support the fight against child malnutrition, . ....
He holds a certificate in humanitarian logistics, a certificate in project management, a certificate in the fight against human trafficking, and a certificate in leadership. As a community development consultant, he promotes the empowerment of women in his community, and vocational training for underprivileged young people. He is currently working more on access to education for vulnerable children, because in his country elementary school is free, but many children are unable to access education because they don't have the means to buy school supplies. He believes that education makes it possible to pass on from one generation to the next the knowledge necessary for each individual's personality development and social integration. Every child deserves a quality education based on fundamental rights and rooted in the concept of gender equality. "Education is the most powerful weapon for changing this world", he believes, because if our communities value education, they can experience sustainable development and positive transformation.

An immigrant to the UK who overcame tough challenges. I actively grow myself and shadowed a CEO.

Annalise Robins is a sophomore at the University of Arkansas, majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Product Development with a minor in Sustainability. In August 2023, she founded the UARK Sustainable Fashion Club (SFC) after recognizing the textile industry's environmental impact. Through SFC, Annalise educates on the textile crisis and fosters connections between students and sustainable fashion brands, cultivating a vibrant community of fashion enthusiasts committed to eco-conscious practices. In addition, Annalise runs a small business in her free time where she upcycles and resells preloved clothing. These experiences have equipped her with extensive management, teamwork, advocacy, and outreach knowledge.

Dear Savvy team, I'm Nafis from Bangladesh. I've just completed Higher Secondary education and looking forward to pursue my higher education in BBA in Japan.

Princess Chinelo Noble shares any ambition that connects to improved health for the public through Communications and Strategic Advocacy.

Digital and visual storytelling are some of her top skills.

As the sole owner of KEOLA, Daylon manages all aspects of the business, from customer service and sales to operations, inventory management, marketing, and advertising. With 8 years of experience in the fashion industry, split evenly between University education and hands on experience, Daylon has held various roles including Buyer, Planner, Marketer, Fine Jewelry Salesperson, and merchandising intern.

I am a fifth-year medical student with business aspirations, a Millennium Fellow Class of 2023, an AMBOSS Access Scholar, and a Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative Counselor.

For over 8 eight years, Diwakar Rai has worked for humanitarian NGOs, INGOs and projects funded by USAID, EU, and KOICA related to climate resilience, public health, child rights and child protection, education, and humanitarian response. He has proven experience in desktop publishing for print, web, social media, TV and radio, and writing human-interest stories.

Since 2022, Diwakar has been working as a Freelance journalist. He contributes his articles and video reports to Deutsche Welle (DW Asia) on humanitarian issues in Nepal. His features have been published in a German-based magazine called Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA). During his internship, he was mentored by senior editors of DW Asia. He published news reports on Nepal’s humanitarian issues surrounding discrimination against women, labour migration and untimely deaths, waste mismanagement and health hazards.

Diwakar is hands-on with Adobe software and is also passionate about documentary filmmaking. He has released two documentary films related to child marriage in Nepal and discrimination faced by girls and women during menstruation.

Passionate entrepreneur dedicated to advancing E-Mobility for a sustainable future. Experienced in EV prototyping and committed to driving industry progress.

I'm Ayan, and i'm Fascinated by Economics and Entrepreneurship, I love reading about businesses and watching shark tank, i want to become an Entrepreneur myself and get featured in Forbes is my ultimate goal

Good day sir/ma, I am a goal orientated individual, who always goes for what he wants at all time, and open to learning and exploring new things to expand my knowledge. Thank you.

iam samar ahmed
graduated from faculty of science (statistics and computer science ) mathematics department. i got my master degree from this department in Artificial intelligence .
i worked in many colledges

People call me "the ambicious girl" .. I have two jobs, i will start running my own business really soon and i am a volunteer at the american corner university of constantine 1 .

Currently in management consulting at Accenture Strategy, hoping to build an education venture that impacts K-12 students via mentorship and guidance. Have previously interned at startups building 0 to 1.

I am a young African man with a decent job in the health sector but feel there must be more to life. More to do, more to contribute, more to solve.

I am a passionate final-year medical student with a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship in medicine. Alongside my studies, I am actively involved in building two startups—one dedicated to medical education and publication, and the other focused on telemedicine.

Je souhaite juste à apprendre d'avantages et à me confronter à divers défis et projets.

I have 23 years of experience - 12 years in the media industry as executive producer and director for documentaries on BBC World, National Geographic Channel, the national TV network - Doordarshan, Star TV among others; and 11 years in the for-profit and non-profit sectors working with start-ups and entrepreneurs, working not just on branding communications & marketing, but largely as a business coach and corporate facilitator. I have also been guest faculty at IIT-Delhi for 4 years.

Working in the development sector in the recent past has been an eye-opening experience and it made me want to bring together all my work experience to help bring visibility to those in this sector. This led me to start a talk show named In Pursuit Of... where I interview stakeholders in the development sector.

Cherisa Martin, M.Ed., is a seasoned program manager with over a decade of experience in educational, local government, and non-profit settings. Her primary focus has been on professional development programming, specifically on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Cherisa is the Program Director for Medici Road YouthBuild in Washington, D.C. In this role, she led the start-up of the Department of Labor-funded pre-apprenticeship workforce development program for youth aged 16-24.

Cherisa’s experience includes serving as a Program Manager of Professional Development at the American Society for Cell Biology, managing several grant-funded programs that supported underrepresented persons in science. Additionally, she served as the Membership and Communications Manager with the Association for Career and Technical Education, providing resources and training and building curriculum for CTE professionals. She started her career as a therapeutic recreation specialist, moved into education, and served as a special education teacher for over six years.

Cherisa holds a Master of Education from Towson University and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from East Carolina University. She has over 15 years of educational programming experience in assorted settings, which has nurtured her growth mindset and graceful fluidity in varying environments.

21yr old student with a dream of creating an everlasting impact for people globally by building a Startup in the future. Gained expertise across the domains of AI & Strategy

I am massuma qasemi one imgrent hazara girl that currently I live in Italy, I want run my besines ,but I need to have some information abut how should be curetive and make work for ourself and others.I am abosultly trying to find best aim but for now becaus economy problem I could not run big besines so I would be very happy if I could participatin this courses.

I am an entrepreneur in Nairobi and Kiambu Counties in Kenya. I deal in affordable and green building materials with a proposal of utilization of both open and deep quarry pits for low cost housing using the waste materials there on. I have dealt with solid waste in urban area of Kawangware slum which we burnt plastics in a kiln and backed those which would produce coal for charcoal briquettes in 2012. I am developed an e-book android app for churches that use books to control the cutting of trees in 2013 but the downloads were minimal. we are currently thinking of green energy as we develop paving blocks and building blocks from plastics.

I'm a former diplomat and social policy maker turned entrepreneur. Inspired by the birth of my two young children, I am now developing products & tools that support new parents, planting a seed for hopefully generations of respectful and nurturing parenting.

I am an extremely versatile and motivated self-starter with a creative flair. I completed my PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa last year and have over 10 years' experience in diverse roles and industries. I recently started a writing business, Mulberry Lass Inc.

As an individual fueled by a fervor for innovation and community empowerment, Maryanne emerges as an exemplary candidate for the Savvy Fellowship. With a robust background in IT Software Sales, I have consistently championed positive change and crafted impactful solutions.

I possess a unique amalgamation of skills, spanning entrepreneurship, leadership, communication, and problem-solving, cultivated through both academic pursuits and professional ventures. My notable accomplishment in strategy development in various past workplaces underscores my adeptness at innovating and executing ideas with precision.

Moreover, my unwavering dedication to fostering innovation and community empowerment propels my eagerness to harness the resources and opportunities afforded by the Savvy Fellowship. With a proven track record in the IT industry, I am poised to make substantial contributions to the fellowship community and beyond, driving progress forward and inspiring transformative change.

am a great enterpreneur by birth with alot of ideas that impact the community with positivity

Hello, my name is Salma. I am a Russian-Egyptian student currently living in Egypt. I am deeply passionate about women's issues, education, and business. In addition to my academic interests, I enjoy playing volleyball and exploring various forms of art in my free time.

My name is Thanreichan Ruiva, and I earned my Master's in Business Administration in 2017. Since 2021, I have been successfully managing my own business, which focuses on collaborating with small farmers to produce a variety of products such as fermented drinks, organic candies, pickles, and jams.

I am called Phalon Timbuck a Cameroonian based in Dubai United Arab Emirates a 27years married lady. I love to do this Fashion business where I get to sell traditional fashion design clothes, beats sandals, beat bags and making caps where I get to showcase my culture to the world and also make some profit

Well I'm a short girl who's too stubborn to give up on her dream of becoming an aspiring entrepreneur and wants to change Namibia for the better.I love marine life and hope to teach others to do the same or at least to stop destroying it.

Driven by innovation and impact, I've navigated transformative projects in product management and software engineering. Committed to inclusive leadership, I seek to pioneer impactful entrepreneurship through the Savvy Fellowship.

I am South Sudanese who aspire to unleash his potential by connecting to the rest of the world to acquire nuances set of skills and experience to advance my entrepreneurial pursuit.

I am a 26 year old Ugandan and currently a medical student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. I have adventurous in my business journey however, I haven't been so successful. I have hit a standstill a couple of times and i struggle with what to do next at such times.

A pharmaceutical practitioner who is an aspiring entrepreneur and would like to give life to his ideas.

1. Chaltu is an outstanding female engineer with a specialization in humanitarian engineering. As
the Regional Sales Manager, she assisted her employer in winning and implementing the first
biggest Solar C&I project in the Tea Sector. They also won the AFSIA C&I Solar Award in 2022 due
to the project's focus on community impact under Ethical Tea and Climate Action.
2. She also discovered that firewood usage in Tea Factories is one of the leading CO2 emitters. An
acre contains approximately 700 trees. For an average tea factory to consume 70 m3 per day, it
will require 3 acres per month and 36 acres per year. She supported the coordination of a task
force that is currently working towards a solution for the same collaborating with global leaders
in the industry. Work in progress.
3. She was a founding member of the IEK North-Eastern Branch of the Institution of Engineers of
Kenya's Mashinani (Grassroots) initiative. She has supported a stronghold and platform for these
engineers to bring cutting-edge engineering solutions and capacity building. For
long-term community engagement and impact to address and solve challenges such as drought,
famine, illiteracy, climate change, food shortage, and poverty, among others.

4. Some of the notable events and initiatives that she has supported under IEK North-Eastern
Branch are:
i. World Engineering Day 2023 – Donate A Pipe (s) Drive - IEK North-Eastern Branch Isiolo
Water Connection Project. This aims to lay connection pipes to supply water to three
conflicting and draught ridden community areas in Isiolo. Apart from water supply,
agriculture promotion, climate action and food security, the project will also promote
peace and harmony. Thereby promoting various crucial SDGs strongly.
ii. IEK World Mental Health Day Celebration: Chaltu and team supported the first of its kind
mental health awareness session for the Engineering fraternity in Kenya. The session
brought an award-winning mental health advocate and expert and an award-winning
mental health survivor turned advocate. The session was set to break stereotypes and
stigma that showcases engineers as non-emotional partisans who should not share.
iii. Empowering our youth as the drivers of Engineering a Sustainable World for a better
tomorrow. Chaltu and fellow IEK North-Eastern Leaders and members attended and held
the annual Branch meeting at the 29
IEK International Convention brought together

phenomenal leaders from across #Africa to support this drive.
iv. Whandisi Dhidi Ya Njaa Campaigh: “Engineers Against Hunger Campaign”. IEK
North-Eastern team supported this and raised funds to feed community members from
North-Eastern Kenya who were dying of hunger.

I am a medical students who has always to run a business , whatever it is related to my field of study or not

Joey Wu is a plant scientist, climate activist, and visionary at the University of Pennsylvania and the founder of the international nonprofit, Waterroots.

I am a Nigerian and an undergraduate, interested in exploring and learning new things. Passionate about self growth and development.

My name is Kennedy, and I’m a young entrepreneur/visionary seeking help with funding to further my clothing brand which will lead into further innovations to uplift my community.

Noni Hlophe is driven by her desire to see gender, racial and social inequalities addressed in the world. A master's graduate in International Relations, she is an advisor and consultant on development matters.

As owner of Dillard’s Consulting, I’m a young entrepreneur passionate about financial literacy and community impact. Ready to scale my business and learn through your program

My name is Taquashia Brown, I am 24 and recently just graduated with my BS in Psychology. I have been searching for ways to help my community while also starting up an online business that caters to African/African American people as a whole. I also wanted to open up a non-profit that caters to the youth. This fellowship would help me gain enough knowledge to jumpstart this.

My name is Jonida Mete, and actually I work at the Albanian Mision to the EU in Brussels, simultaneously since 2019 I have been engaged in voluntarism with my NGO called “Dritë Shprese”.

I think that now is time to turn my NGO into a source of income.
I am a jurist and I have some basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, but I am also aware that I have much to learn regarding this field.
I have worked in several Institutions and projects in Albania and North Macedonia were I lived four years, but I would love to gain more valuable knowledge from this program. And I would be more than grateful if selected.

Asia Patrick is a dynamic entrepreneur, visionary leader, and devoted mother. With a background in healthcare and technology, she founded Tropical Ambience, aiming to revolutionize the industry. Her journey from Howard University to McKinsey and Company shaped her multifaceted approach to business. Passionate about empowering others, Asia's innovative spirit and commitment to wellness drive her to create positive change in the world.

Justine blends her non- profit background into her business, Cup of Communitea, where she is dedicated to fostering cultural understanding, wellness, and community through tea.

I'm always curious and passionate about making a startup or business which make a great impact in society.

Passionate software developer & hackathon champion skilled in Flutter, web dev, and more. Interned at startups, won 25+ hackathons including Microsoft Imagine Cup & Google Solution Challenge. Presented before Satya Nadella. Currently involved in eDrishti, advancing accessibility in education.


Jabulani is an inspired creative, a communicator,Entrepreneur, Youth Activist, Producer, and a computer wizard.

He is creative and skillful person paired with a passion for radio and media production. He has been a Radio Producer with over two years experience in controlling the output of radio programs; generating ideas to editing (and sometimes even presenting), scheduling, copywriting, and researching.

His career goals are for him to be responsible for creating life-changing content audio and digital content of broadcasts via radio, the internet and other mobile platforms and be involved in the entire process, from generating ideas to managing the audience response after a programme. with my personally strong character I would love to manage and work with broadcasting assistants, presenters and DJs, engineers and IT staff.Also be responsible for the business and commercial management of a program.

In the future He sees himself working in publicly funded, commercial or voluntary sectors of broadcasting. Wherever he works, He aims to be part of a digital revolution which is having a profound impact on the way in which radio is produced and accessed.

I'm a young entrepreneur with many business ventures. My base if rental estate. I work in property management for over 15 years and work as a social service coordinator as well.

I am a tech Virtual Assistant providing remote, cost-effective tech support solutions to entrepreneurs and busy professionals.

Soy un joven estudiante colombiano de 22 años de edad

Experienced social anthropologist adept in humanitarian aid, crisis response, and socio-environmental consulting. committed to social justice and sustainability.

Riantsoa est une entrepreneur engagée dans le développement du milieu rural. Elle est ingénieur chimiste et dirige une entreprise de transformation alimentaire dans le but de soutenir les petits agriculteurs.

My name is Cathy Waiswa and I am the owner and founder of Love Balungi. I am from Boston, MA and the daughter of Ugandan immigrants.

Efficient information engineer with relevant years of industry experience in information technologies, with basic knowledge of API, machine learning, and skilled in python, project development, network testing, and troubleshooting.
• IT Skills: Python, Pytorch, Machine Learning, Sckit-learn, TensorFlow, Data visualization (matplotlib), C++, Visual Studios; IT Tools: Slack, Atlassian Jira;
• Computer Skills: Microsoft Office: (Word, Excel, Outlook); OS: Mac, Windows.
• Languages: English: Mother Tongue | Italian: Level A1 | French: Basic

Bridging Cultures Through Engagement

A product of two immigrant parents from both Jamaica, and Haiti- I proudly represent those of us from multi-ethnic backgrounds. Recognizing the neglect of Caribbean and Afro LatinaX communities in mainstream media and politics, I established my company to be a beacon of representation and empowerment. This platform aims to celebrate, and amplify vibrant cultures, and is committed to filling the void in media and politics by providing enriching content, research, and support services.

I am Maryam Barizans, 24 years a go I was born in a remote province of Afghanistan it called Badakhshan, where is compare to heaven on its beautiful nature.

I started my lesson when I was 5 years old at Ishkashim Girls High School,

When I graduated from school after the national exam I choose to pursue my lessons on economic field at Kabul University.
After all hard-working and PESTEL issues in Afghanistan I graduate in 2022.
Now I am working in an international NGO in Afghanistan.

I am veteran, woman-owned business focusing on business strategy and compliance consulting. I have over 20 year experience within the field helping small to medium businesses, BioTech, Federal Government, and Oil and Gas Sectors. We provide consultations for Compliance structures, Security Program Development, Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and Business Developmen

I am a passionate, innovative, hardworking corporate lawyer with close to six years of experience. I am currently acquiring shares in Rwa Group Limited, a startup that is building two mobile applications.

My name is Promise Ebubechukwu. I am very eager to learn entrepreneurship,business and leadership skills.

A mis 43 años llevo una vida plena, feliz. Casado con la mujer que amo, más de 20 años juntos. 3 maravillosos hijos que no nos dejan aflojar ni un segundo del día. 

My name is Suryansh Srivastava, a 17-year-old native of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, harbors aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur. My enthusiastic demeanor propels me to explore various avenues and seize opportunities for growth. Currently pursuing my studies in Class 12, I'm driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to carve my path in the business world.

Iam a project manager at private entreprise (management company of Technopark Borj Cedria-Ecopark). My main missions are managing and submitting EU projects on behalf Ecopark dealing with sustainable development areas ( water, energy, environment...) as Iam responsable of supporting startups that are hosted in our incubator (incubation and acceleration level) participating as IP analyst (expert in engineering sciences)to evaluate the innovation of the idea at initial statement and monitor the progress of investment document preparation of differents participants at national level.

Tejaswini Samanta, a 17-year-old high school senior currently residing in New Delhi, India, is passionate about Earth Sciences and aspires to pursue higher education in this field. She loves to code and expresses herself through writing, capturing the beauty of nature and joy of travel. Tejaswini is a dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability and 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). She actively contributes to this cause by collaborating with a nonprofit organization to support the specially abled and under-resourced individuals. Tejaswini's diverse background includes academic research, and she actively engages with underprivileged communities in her locality, working on gender empowerment programs with GirlUp.

سلام عليكم انا صفاء اسكن في قريةصغيرة اريد تطوير من ذاتي و تحقيق حلمي بان اكون رادة اعمال ناجحة ان شاء الله

I am a doctorate science student in university. I am expert in biomaterial engineering and want to commercialize my products so that the DFU and burnt patients may get good health.

Founder & primary practitioner at Yvonne Chiropractic Inc. | Founder & creator of True Power Co. LLC | Diverse expertise in chiropractic & commitment to service.

معلمة مرحلة ابتدائية بدأت بعمل مبادرة لطالباتي واطمح تحويلها لعمل استثماري

I am a technical startup founder who lives in the Philippines and works on a product which fights misinformation. Our product is nearing completion and we could start beta trial on friday. I continue to work on the web misinformation landscape with our innovative web graph invention which we plan to incorporate on html or low level web development.