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One of the missions of Savvy is to bring passionate and competent individuals together to start sustainable businesses, or to foster strategic partnerships and collaborations between entrepreneurs. With that said, we advise Savvy Fellows to use this utility to find and interact with other Savvy Fellows, which could lead to starting a business together or forging a partnership.

My name is David Ayila. I am 31years old. I run a charity organization to help less privilege. I am a lecturer

Je suis professionnel congolais passionné par l'innovation et l'exploitation minière.
Après mes études universitaires, j'ai occupé le poste de secrétaire au sein de la fondation Pasteur lobe et puis celui de chef de développement Organisationnel au sein de la Croix-Rouge

I am a Telecom engineer having experience in multinational companies and currently working as an account manager along with my start-up which is a food discovery platform.

I am a software engineering student in addis ababa ethiopia

Anathan NDAYISABA est un marketeur de formation.
Titulaire d’un diplôme de Baccalauréat en Management des Organisations, option Commerce Marketing obtenu en 2016 à l’Université du Burundi, Anathan travaille pour l’Administration fiscale Burundaise depuis 2019. Passionné par l’entrepreneuriat, Anathan suit différentes formations en ligne telles que celles du Centre de Commerce International (ITC), de l’OMC et d’autres afin d’avoir des connaissances et des compétences pour la mise en œuvre de son rêve de création d’entreprise.

A self-motivated professional with over 12 years’ experience. Excellent strategic planning and customer relationship skills contribute to an expanded customer base and improved customer retention levels. Proven record of accomplishment in successfully introducing new products into a competitive market. Experienced at making high-level presentations, delivering customer-focused solutions and consistently achieving sales targets. Highly proficient in all phases of the sales process from qualifying prospects to after-sales service.
I am currently working on as a Account Manager at Amazon. I have learnt a great deal during my time in this department including to be target oriented person, success-driven and passion to exceed expectations but I now feel as though I am ready to learn a different area of the business. I have a demonstrated ability to work with leaders across business units and lines of business.

Je viens d'une famille paysanne et commerçante, depuis mon enfance mes parents m'ont impliqué dans les activités agricoles et commerciales. Ils m'ont permis à participer dans les travaux de production et de commercialisation. Là J'ai commencé à développer un amour pour l'entrepreunariat agricole. Après mon étude universitaire, j'ai retourné dans mon province natal, pour mettre à profit mes compétences acquises au services de toute la communauté notamment dans le développement de l'exploitation familiale. En 2020, quand le COVID-19 fait son apparition en Haïti, il etait claire que l'hygiène des aliments que nous consommons devrait être une obligation de premier choix. Compte tenu, les différents problèmes que font face le secteur de la boucherie, nous avons investi dans la production, la conservation et la commercialisation de viandes locales. Curieux, motivé et dynamique nous envisageons à renforcer notre connaissance et nos compétences, afin de devenir plus performant dans le domaine.

Am a 38year old female Ugandan entrepreneur and community development worker with experience in starting social enterprises for my self and the community with an aim of making innovative ideas for income generation for the vulnerable groups of people in the community.

My name's Umurerwa Sezerano Didiane, Am Rwandan as Nationality, I hold a bachelor's degree in faculty of Science of Development specifically in Rural and Urban Development(Department), actually I'm a quick learning with courage, this will be more interesting to me in order to complete my lessons at high grades.
And I completed my study in 2023 with First class honor.
Am very excited to join Savvy at all.
I wish/hope I could get more knowledge and skills from this program.

A leader, entrepreneur and creative with 5 years work experience, aspiring for global influence, where personal decisions set world trends inspiring others towards positive change.

Specialiste en sécurité alimentaire et nutrition avec 9 ans d'expérience. Titulaire d'un Master 2 en securité alimentaire et nutrition et d'un Master 1 en Suivi Evaluation des Projets et Programmes, spécialisé en projets humanitaires et agroalimentaires."

Am I young Ugandan male who has a lot of business plans and skills that have managed to acquire in different fields I have be and also wish to learn more skills and also get funds to invest in different business plans I have

Prior experience marketing events at the national scale in India | Ex-Marketing Team Lead for AIESEC | Top 10/15 finalist in India's largest case comps | Delegate for HPAIR'24

I'm a young and aspiring entrepreneur currently studying mechatronics engineering at funaab, Nigeria, developed a love for tech at an early age and influenced by my dad in the way of business

She is a former math teacher, educational leader, systems consultant, nature enthusiast, and now aspiring show creator. She is me, Nikeitha Brown.

Featured by renowned organizations like Samsung, UNESCO, and in 7 newspapers and magazines, highlighting my dedication to innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Since,2020 in the midst of the lockdown many lost their jobs and moved from being gainfully employed to being unready job seekers lives with uncertainty. According to the international labour organization,225 million jobs were lost worldwide in 2020 alone due to the pendamic.long term employment can have serious negetive consequences for the individual, society and it's economic system.savvy kicks off with a rigorous 12 weak e learning experience. During the 12 weak of learning I can test our understanding by taking our weekly quizzes, Assessment are the best way to identify our strength and areas of weakness.savvy fellow get weekly expert advice.Savvy kicks off with a rigorous 12-week e-learning experience. As a Fellow, you will learn everything from ideation to scaling. Some of the things you’ll learn are ‘understanding your customer’, ‘building a product/service that effectively solves their key challenges’, and ‘effectively positioning your solution in the market.’ After completing the compulsory 12-week training, you can take optional courses in business communications (10 weeks), product design (10 weeks), and effective leadership (10 weeks).

I'm Lemeck, a Communication Engineering grad, I aim to innovate agriculture in my diverse homeland, where 80% rely on subsistence farming amid high corruption and poverty.

I am Anitah Aturinda an experienced Digital Marketing Strategist with a passion for creativity and user-centered Product Management. Dedicated to building lasting customer relationships.

Dedicated women's health nurse passionate about holistic wellness. Transforming lives through innovative IV therapy & comprehensive care.

My name is Kelvin from onicha LG of Ebonyi state Nigeria, I'm the last of three from my mother side and 9th in a polygamous family of about 4 wives with 18 children by my father, after the death of my mother at age of 12 years I went and stay with my step brother where I finished my primary education and applentship in patent medicine after which I furthered my education to higher institution through my effort.

My name is Diana am a Ugandan female aged 36, am married and j have four children.
Am excited to be part of this program

Im a 32 year old goal driving male trying to make a difference in my city..through out my life i battled hardship and struggled with housing in my that i made it out through a housing program i would like too lend a hand in getting the city homeless rate lower then possible..

Am a female Ugandan public health personel, early career researcher with lots of passion about research in community health and have taken research to the level of business. I would also looking forward to health entrepreneurship skills to develop my self and the community.

Fumpha Chipeta is a lady based in the rural area of central Malawi called Dedza. She is a commercial farmer and a Disability expert. Fumpha shares her farming experiences with persons with disabilities in order to empower them to be financially independent.

My name is Ahmed abdelbagi Abdalla from Sudan I work as mechanical engineer with petreum company

I am a lifelong-learner and formally I come from a physics background. I got my masters from TU Munich and currently I am working as an online tutor. I have an idea to someday start a business somewhere around the domain of data or IT.

Very optimistic in all that i do.

I am Zoya from Pakistan: Entrepreneur passionate about building dreams. Founder of a local startup, shaping the future within city limits.

my name is zamzama hananzai
i am from nangarhar province
i am student of computer science
in kabul polytechnic university (still progress)
no i am a teacher in one of private high school

I have 17yrs of experience in strategic planning and quality professional.

Lemo Nkosi is young Education Consultant who is passionate about innovation in Education. She values educational advancements in the ECD and Foundation phase level, as she believes that a strong educational start for children makes them more resilient and adaptable.

Muhammad Umair is a Master Trainer and Team Lead of Development Programs that focuses on teaching with the help of arts, artists, happiness, science, social and emotional learning at CARE foundation, where he has devoted his skills, education, and experience in training more than 3000 teachers for the betterment of the students and the country. He has extensive experience in training and project management.

Muhammad Umair has participated actively in different competitions, seminars, conferences, training sessions and has received training nationally as well as internationally. Some of them are teaching speaking, writing, listening, and reading from the British Council, KSA, Kagan Cooperative Learning, Classroom Management, Communication Skills, Effective Reading, Lesson Planning and Bloom’s Taxonomy, Emotional Acknowledgement during Teaching, Creativity and 5 Habits of Mind, Engaging Students etc. He is a result-oriented teacher trainer. He has trained more than 3000 teachers in CARE foundation which is the largest educational Non-Profit in Pakistan and successfully ran the programs in 320 schools in collaboration with a UK-based organization. His team includes 5 project managers, 850 teachers, and 45 artists. In the teacher training department of CARE foundation, there are 6000 teachers and he is benefitting all of them along with the support of his team.

In light current situation of Afghanistan as an Afghan girl it's not less for me to have this kind of opportunity. I was born in Kabul and live in Kabul, Dashti barchi and I graduated from school in 2022. these days due to coming Taliban I can't attend university regularly and I want to participating in this program.

My name is Harshanisha Parejan, and I am deeply passionate about promoting menstrual hygiene and sustainability in India. As the founder of Tuqqin, I've dedicated myself to educating women and girls about the importance of menstrual health and empowering them with sustainable practices. Growing up as the first graduate in my family and witnessing firsthand the challenges of poverty, I've been motivated to give back to society and create meaningful change. Through Tuqqin, I've combined in-person interactions with technology-driven solutions to reach over 5000 individuals and donate over 2000 menstrual cups to marginalized communities. My journey is fueled by a desire to address social taboos, environmental issues, and health problems faced by women in India, and I'm committed to making a difference one step at a time.

Am a driven lady who loves life, I am a hard working person with a skill of ensuring customer satisfaction. Am a person who makes sure what I set my mind on I make sure I achieve it especially when it's something am passionate about and I don't like leaving things unfinished, when am given a task I make sure I get it done. Thanks

Ethel Anne Komlaga is a driven entrepreneur with a track record of innovation and impact. Her commitment to excellence and community development makes her an ideal candidate for the Savvy Fellowship.

Miriam Tochi Godspower is a time-tested Broadcaster with a career that spans Radio, TV, Digital, and Social Media. She was born and raised in the City of Port Harcourt and an indigene of Rivers State.

A sought-after Social Media Influencer, On-Air Brand with Wazobia FM, Master of Ceremonies, Advertiser, Public Relations Strategist, Content Creator and a fashion entrepreneur she is.

Popularly known as First Lady, Akwaugo 1 of Wazobia FM, Miriam is passionate about educating teenagers and women.

She launched the Winning Women Education Network in 2020 and till date, organises, secondary school visitation and women empowerment outreaches, to bring women together to empower women to be financially stable / independent.

Ms Godspower was awarded the On Air Personality of the year 2023 by the Anambra Media Excellence Awards. Also, she was the quintessential host of the Visionary African Women Summit in Accra, Ghana, 2023.

Worthy to note, she was also honoured with an award of recognition for her contribution to women and children development, by the Solid State Movement in conjunction with the Lake Foundation Onitsha, 2023.

My Name is Karibullahi Galadima Muhammad, I was born and grew in my village Faradachi Kofar Fada, Sumaila LGA, Kano State. I am Currently a student in Bayero University, Kano studying BSC., ECONOMICS currently @Level 400.
I'm living in Kano State. I'm currently self employed selling Bread, Data for all networks and many more

Je suis charismatique,travailleuse,laborieuse,curieuse,optimiste,patiente,intelligente et je peux travailler sur pression.

Passionate about technology and social impact. Dedicated to creating positive change through innovation and collaboration. Always striving to make a difference.

I am young african ambitious student. I live in Rwanda ,and my name is Abdoukalik . I like to learn about business and get enough experience to run my own business.

My name is Ridwan. I live and study in rwanda. I learn business Information technology. I am looking forward to get experience and interact with the other fellow and gain new experience.

Passionate about leveraging knowledge for positive change. Committed to lifelong learning, innovation, and empowering others to reach their full potential.

A student at the Co-operative University pursuing a Diploma in Co-operative management, I am a young person passionate about youth empowerment and development and using the power of entrepreneurship to create more employment opportunities for myself and youth in my community.

My Name is Danesha jackson. I have been working in the childcare field since I was 17. I started my first job with my cousin and she inspired me by allowing me to be one of her employees. I have 4 children myself and I love working with kids. I love giving the kids love Tinder care and seeing a big smile on their faces.

Iam a founder of Zaza's gifts packages and treats, a small gifting shop. Iam very ambitious and a go getter. I love doing new things and exploring my hidden abilities. I like learning about new business opportunities, i love helping the less previlege. I have had my fair share of challenges, I've learned and still learning from my mistaked when it comes to life in general and bussiness world.

I am Yohanes Getnet from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in management and MA degree in business administration from Bahir Dar university. currently I am working as a lecturer in Debark university and I have my own car wash station.

My name is Muazu Muhammad Bello am a graduate of political science and also currently a 300L student of faculty of law Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, I run Longbush Enterprise as a businness, we deal in production, supply of goods and services general contract and merchandise, and we are planning on expanding to logistics soon.

I'm a student at BSSU, as priject manager in 2013 in a compay ,I worked also as a human resource manager for the company, now I am running my own business

I have a master's degree in Accounting and finance. I have always wanted to start my venture.

My name is Muwana Sein and i'm a computer science student. I am very passionate about computers and most intergrating it with old age practices. I like TV Series and documentaries.

Driven Business Management graduate, Masters student in Financial Engineering, Assistant Finance/Admin Manager at Zimbabwe Association of Doctors For Human Rights. Passionate about research, farming, and youth empowerment. President of Higherlife Foundation alumni. Published book chapter.

I am an enthusiastic and innovative young professional, striving to make a positive impact. I am Excited to join the Savvy Fellowship Program, where I aim to learn, engage and contribute to a new generation of impactful entrepreneurs. also I look forward to 12 weeks of learning, mentoring and thus a community dedicated to entrepreneurial growth and social impact.

I am a dedicated and enthusiastic individual with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. My goal is to upscale my business to a level that will have positive impact to Malawi.

I'm a student currently pursuing a degree in food science and technology and I am also an aspiring entrepreneur. I am the founder of nadi's bedding,a brand that deals with all kinds of quality bedding and I am also working towards owning a company that's produce food specially for people with dietary restriction

A Force to be Reckoned With! I seek greatness, to not be just another face in the crowd, to be remembered for my smile and good deeds, to share knowledge, empowerment, and compassion.

Midian Mulungu is a female entrepreneur based in Malawi with Mimo boutique. started my business with a passion for solving a problem. Through hard work and dedication, I turned my idea into a thriving company that provides value to our customers. As a young entrepreneur, I faced many challenges, but I never gave up. I used each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow, and I eventually achieved my goal of running a successful business.
My background in marketing and advertising gave me the skills I needed to start my own business. I used my expertise to create a successful business that provides high-quality services to clients.
I am a lifelong learner, and I believe that education is the key to success. I started my business to share my knowledge and expertise with others, and I am proud of what we have accomplished.

My passion for innovation and creativity led me to start my own business. I wanted to create products that people would love and use every day, and I am proud to say that we have achieved that goal.
As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges. I thrive on taking risks and pushing boundaries, and I am not afraid to fail.

I started my business to make a difference in people’s lives. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and using business as a force for good.

My experience in the fashion gave me the skills I needed to start my own business . I used my expertise to create a product that has transformed the industry and made a real
As a female entrepreneur, I have faced many challenges, but I have never let that stop me from pursuing my dreams. I am proud to be a trailblazer for other women in business.

Educational Technologist turned Servant Leader & Entrepreneur
Founder of ArzixOS & AI Ventura
Passionate TT Player & Hustler
Summer Student @ Babson

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I am a second year student pursuing B.Tech from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur graduating in 2026.

I am very passionate about Programming and Development and I am always looking to dive into newer challenges and solve them. I love exploring evolving technologies and constantly strive to improve my technical competency.

I try to find creative and more optimized solutions for the most complex of problems, while working on my problem solving skills.

I’m Janiqua Montgomery Sessoms owner of Sessoms Beaut’e with a passion for helping others recognize their true beauty and uniqueness through products and services that I have to offer. Mainly all my life I have been fully engaged in the beauty business and always dreamed of being able to help others discover their hidden identity of distinctiveness and gain self confidence long term.

I am a CPA who holds a bachelor's in Accounting and Finance. I am passionate about Accounting Systems. I have spent a large part of my career working in the NGO sector.

I am friendly and empathetic ,i enjoy helping others heal themselves through alternative medicine.
I thrive on challenge and constantly set goals for my self ,so i have something to strive towards .I am always looking for an apportunity to do better and achieve greatness especially in my community.

I'm iveren from Nigeria. A student and am a Christian. I am fair in complexion,i love travelling,cooking and making friends. I care a lot about people and i appreciate nature's gift to mankind. The world will be a better place if ten people with my kind of heart walk this planet earth.

I am young entrepreneur from Zimbabwe who just finished his Honours Degree in accounting and have been working in the field of management and entrepreneurship. The world of business has always intrigued me, and I have managed to start a company called a Cledent Group. I am currently a director and co-founder of 3 three companies up to date, all registered and operating in Zimbabwe. Throughout my career and academic journey, I have tried to demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence and a passion for making impact in my community. In addition, to the above achievements, I have also been involved in voluntary work post Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe and have acquired other skills in Web development and graphics design.

I am a young entrepreneur who has a business in poultry and fishery. I am good at what I do. I am married and blessed with children.

I'm Leonardo, I'm 35 years old. Originally from Bolivia. I'm passionate about fitness, nature and music. I'm a professional guitar player, but I have a Environmental Engineering background.
I'm based in Brooklyn, NY. I've obtained my FAA remote pilot license and I'm ready to start my drone-powered business.

Agnes Kwagala Namuddu is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in community health management, project planning, and nursing. With over a decade of experience, I have demonstrated exceptional leadership and managerial skills in various roles.
Currently, Agnes serves as the Community Health Manager at Living Goods in Kayunga, Uganda, where I oversee daily branch operations, manage KPI performance, and lead a team of branch staff and Community Health Workers (CHWs). Notable achievements include implementing an RCT study that resulted in a significant 27% reduction in the mortality rate of children under 5, as well as implementing innovative strategies for community engagement, leading to a 15% improvement in service delivery.
Prior to this current role, I worked as a Project Officer for Community Engagement at Uganda Technology and Management University, where I played a key role in project planning, needs assessments, and resource management. During my tenure, I successfully executed project plans, increased community awareness by 35%, and implemented initiatives to foster inclusive participation.
Before transitioning into project management, I served as the Head Nurse at Watoto Childcare Ministries, where I facilitated the efficient delivery of nursing care and implemented improvements that led to a 20% improvement in patient recovery rates.
In addition to my professional experience, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Project Planning and Management from Uganda Technology and Management University, as well as a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery from Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery. I am also actively pursuing certification in Public Management and Leadership.
I am known for my excellent team building, coaching, and management skills, as well as my strong leadership and critical thinking abilities. I am passionate about making a positive impact in my community and am committed to continuous learning and professional development.

I am a software engineer by profession having completed my Bachelor's in 2022. My interests involve in field of Artificial Intelligence. I am a co-founder of a startup in Pakistan where we are providing free of cost training to students to upskill them and make them job-ready. Moreover, we are working on different products ranging from social network analysis to healthcare sector

I am a graduate of University of Ilorin and a mother of two. I am currently a NYSC corp member.

I'm Mercy Muendo a young social entreprenuer, a leader dedicated to research, addressing environmental issues, and climate change advocacy, good in graphic design and art, a content creator, and an administrative assistant, and good at management

Balancing business studies with work experience, seeking growth opportunities, and applying knowledge in real-world scenarios.

I'm a Ugandan aged 25 years, I went to YMCA Comprehensive Institute and I earned a diploma in computer science. I currently work as a Teacher at Hope for Youth primary school.

I am Winnie, 19 years of age. I am currently in my final year in high school hoping to join university next year.

Alejandra is an environmental engineering student, passionate about biotechnology and the democratization of science. As a co-founder of EKO City, she provides sustainable solutions and leads the biotechnology community at Scihack.

I have a first Degree in Mass Communication and a Master's Degree in Communications and Language Arts. I work in the University as a Public Relations Specialist and have run a private business where I sell thrift wares for a little over a year. I have 15 years experience in Public Relations. I am married with four children. I am passionate, unassuming and creative.

Driven soon to be entrepreneur determined to forge my own path and create success on my terms.

I am a young graduate from University of Western Cape. I intend to persue Law Degree. I am majored with History and English. in the past two years I helped my parents to start businesses which are the private school and the traveling agency. I am passionate about helping other young people and the elderly in the community.

Je suis Innocent OMBENI BARHAGERANYA, nationalité Congolaise, RDC. Dimplomé en Environnement et développement durable. Membre fondateur et Coodinateur de African Environment and Communities, AEC.

I am passionate about starting a business that offers innovative solutions to the community.

Moi j'avais suivi une formation sur eau et assainissement hydraulique après j'ai fais au moins 15 ans d'expérience dans ce domaine il compris au bâtiment

I am student at The Malawi university of business and applied science. Pursuing bachelor's degree in education business studies

As a seasoned digital marketer with a passion for innovation, I thrive on crafting creative strategies that drive results. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to global brands, helping them achieve their marketing goals and exceed their expectations. My expertise spans across various digital channels, including email marketing, social media, SEO, and content creation. Whether it's developing personalized campaigns, analyzing data to optimize performance, or staying ahead of industry trends, I'm dedicated to delivering impactful solutions that make a difference. Let's connect and take your digital marketing efforts to the next level!

I'm samar I got master degree , I used to learn many languages when I was young , I worked in a university as a teaching assistant or assistant professor

As an aspiring entrepreneur from a small town on NC's eastern seaboard, I excelled in business school until tragedy struck. Losing my brother, grandmother, and aunt sent me into depression. Now, emerging stronger, I'm driven to fulfill a promise to my late grandmother and seek the opportunity I need to succeed.

-IT consultant at Proafrica technologies. National -Diploma in IT
-Machine Learning certified Simplilearn
-Data science and informatics candidate at Midlands state University
-CSI Linux investigator in the making
-recently registered my company Scikit technologies pvt LTD

A multi diversified person that is passionate about Personal growth ,SDG2, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, publicity and administrative support.

My name is Grace Kelvin Ofongo from Nigeria and I work with Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board as Deputy Manger Monitoring & Evaluation. I have Masters degree in Oil, Gas and Energy Management from Unicaf University Zambia and am married with three lovely kids.

Hello Im currently studying cybersecurity. I am thinking of creating my own business and wanted to experience and learn as much as i can.

Experienced project manager skilled in leadership, organization, and problem-solving. Dedicated to delivering successful outcomes and driving team collaboration.

I am an experienced Program Delivery Manager with an excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to build and maintain strong networks and multiple stakeholder relationships, to ensure the successful delivery of complex programs and Project within Investment, Retail and Commercial Banking.

l am the founder and creative director of Craftastics Zimbabwe, a handicrafts business which sustainably manufactures rugs, mats, home deco and fashion accessories from fabric waste. Tailors in low income communities in the city dump their fabric waste at illegal dumpsites. Tjis blocked our drainage systems and affected our underground water, sanitation and hygiene. Through my business l buy the fabric waste directly from tailors in my community before they dump it. I aim to reduce fabric waste and preserve the environment by giving customers durable products whilst promoting talented artisanal youths in my community at the same time preserving our traditional handicrafting cultural heritage.

I'm Rohit mahour I study in DBRAU
I'm 12th standard passed and social Worker

I am a lawyer and also a student. However, run a FMCG business as a distributor. This business started in 2017. Currently a post graduate student at university of Calabar.

Mitchelle, an Experienced Scrum Master and Innovative Leader, passionate about Agile methodologies and driving value. A trailblazer at Virtuous, redefining underwear with comfort and innovation.

I am a passionate aspiring entrepreneur eager to learn and grow.

I am a dedicated individual passionate about empowering youth and rural communities through various initiatives such as the Murewa Youth Initiative program and providing financial literacy training to rural entrepreneurs in Binga District. Through my involvement in the Graduate Scholarships Hub, I am committed to helping individuals access educational opportunities and achieve their academic goals. As a member of the Global Shapers Community, I strive to collaborate with like-minded individuals to drive positive change and contribute to sustainable development initiatives.

Passionate Electronic Engineering student with hands-on experience in air quality projects and commitment to sustainability.

I am hardworking determined and dedicated