Dear Entrepreneur,

People ask me, “What’s the secret to your back-to-back successes?” Well, I’ve got two. One, I do not dwell on my successes. I achieve something great, I celebrate instantaneously, and immediately, I move on to the next goal. I’m always constantly asking myself, “What’s next?” “Yes, I did great, but that was yesterday. What can I do great today?” I don’t dwell on past glory. I move on.

Two, I fail more times than I succeed. You just don’t see my failures. I fail, I learn from it, and I try again, this time more intelligently. I never say, “I tried.” I try over and over again until I get it right. Even if it takes a thousand times to get it done, I will do it. I never say, “I can’t” because failure is success when you learn from it. The only time you fail is the moment you quit.

With love,