Dear Entrepreneur,

Our attitude towards life depends on the position from which we are seeing things. When you’re on a busy road, you hear cars honking, drivers yelling, loud music playing, people screaming over the phone, and friends chitchatting in groups and laughing. There are just too many chaoses around you that you fail to appreciate the true beauty of life. But then, take a flight some feet above that same busy road, and you hear silence, and you see beauty. You’re observing the same busy road, but you’re seeing something completely different from someone who’s on the ground. That’s how different, people who complain about situations and people who fix them, see the world.

As a serial entrepreneur, I love problems. I love seeing problems around me because I react to problems in a different way. Many people see problems as challenges, and so they complain about them. But I see problems as opportunities, and so I go ahead and fix them. When you’re drafting an investor pitch deck, there’s always a page for your ‘problem statement’, which is usually one of the first pages. This means that for one to create something amazing, they have to first identify a problem and then solve it. This simply means that to an entrepreneur, a problem is an opportunity to create something amazing and not an avenue to complain and place the blame on a failed government.

Africa is a continent with so many problems, which only translates that “Africa is a continent with so many opportunities”. It depends on the angle you’re looking at the problems. I choose to look at our problems from a positive angle. You too should.

With love,