Dear Entrepreneur,

We all have goals and ambitions that we want to achieve. But true happiness doesn’t come from groundbreaking, life-changing events. No. Take it from someone who has experienced these events. For me, now, it’s more important to focus on small pleasures as I work towards greater goals.

Getting into fellowships, incubators or accelerators, winning awards or competitions, getting grants or raising funding, speaking at international events, traveling across the world, all these things are great. But you don’t have to accomplish all these to be happy.

We can be happy if we learn to appreciate the little things happening around us because little things come together to make bigger things. Little things like having a great conversation with an old friend, forgiving someone who deeply hurt you, or looking at old photos and laughing at how dorky you looked.

It’s only natural to place more importance on rare pleasures, or those that come once-in-a-lifetime. Just because they are challenging, scarce or expensive, doesn’t make them better.

Enjoy the small pleasures of life, and the bigger and rarer pleasures will come when the time is right. It’s what you do with the little things that show your attitude towards the bigger things.

With love,