Dear Entrepreneur,

I will be completely honest with you. People tend to give you what they think you don’t want or don’t care about. When someone can sense the desperation for something in your voice or attitude, chances are that they will never give that thing to you because they think you don’t deserve it. Yes. And why? I don’t know, but sadly that’s how the world works.

If you go for a job interview, and you can demonstrate your indispensability, chances are high that you’ll get that job. If you want the world to look for you, then be that person. Make yourself become that person everyone wants to give their time and their money to.

The best startups are not those who run after investors. The best startups are those investors run after because investors know that with or without their money, those startups will become very profitable soon, if not already.

If you’re not where you want to be already, sit down, be humble, and draft a clear plan on how you want to get there. I’m not where I want to be, and I’m working to get there.

Make a clear plan of your path to indispensability or profitability, and watch the world make a beaten path to your doorstep. No one wants a liability. So don’t be one.

With love,