Dear Entrepreneur,

Anxiety. Pressure. Uncertainty. Depression. These are some of the words many entrepreneurs are familiar with. Anxiety. Often we find ourselves worried about a new feat we’re trying to attain. This leads to uncertainty. Not being able to know for sure, what the future holds for us, especially getting disappointed after trying so hard to achieve something great.

Pressure. We achieve something great, and then we feel even more pressured to achieve something even greater, so we don’t fade away or get replaced. Or, we try to achieve something great but fail at it, and watch our peers achieve the same feat with even little effort, and then we begin to question our worth. Depression. Now, this slowly creeps in, tearing down our sense of hope and courage.

I’ve lost two of my closest friends to depression. Tayo and Bayo. Both took their own lives after silently battling with depression. Amazing entrepreneurs with breathtaking ideas, but unfortunately, lost to the uncertainties of life. Today, I remember them for trying to leave the world better than they found it. And I’m pained that they gave up without trying again.

For you reading this, you have value. Every good thing takes time, and it’s just a matter of time, you’ll have your name used as a synonym for ‘greatness’.

With love,