Dear Entrepreneur,

What makes a person great? Is it having a great achievement or just many averagely good, but consecutive achievements? Some aspiring entrepreneurs I’ve met, tell me that they think they can’t be great because they don’t have what it takes. It’s either they think they’re not as smart, skilled or talented enough to become great or do something great. But I don’t share their thoughts. Everyone can be great, especially those who believe they are too average to be.

Do this: hold your one of your hands up, gripping a lawn tennis ball. Does it feel like hard work? No. But keep your hand up for an hour or more, now, does it feel like hard work? Definitely yes. So something that doesn’t seem to have an effect can actually cause great effect when done for a long time. So, if you’re one of those people who have gone through life feeling not good enough to be labeled great, start today by doing something good, and remain consistent at it. And trust me, someday, you’ll be so good at it, people will call you great.

With love,