Dear Entrepreneur,

Sometimes, the best motivation is not from what someone says to us, but from what we’ve experienced ourselves, and don’t want to experience anymore. In other words, sometimes, the best motivation comes from within ourselves, and not from the voices around us.

Have you ever experienced anything really bad in your life, and you wouldn’t want to experience it again? Have you ever wanted something really bad but you couldn’t afford it? Have you ever tried or wished you could help someone who needed your help so bad, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have the capacity?

These can be some of the best sources of motivation for us.

Vladimir Gendelman immigrated to the United States with his parents from the Soviet Union with less than $500 to their name. Today, he is the Founder and CEO of Company Folders Inc., an innovative presentation company that has won multiple awards.

When asked what motivates him, he said, “…my desire to never go back to that lifestyle.” He was referring to the life he and his family lived in the Soviet Union.

What’s that lifestyle you don’t want to go back to? What’s that experience you don’t want to have any more?

That’s your motivation there.

With love,