Dear Entrepreneur,

No matter how good you think you are already, there are some people out there who think you aren’t there yet or feel you can do better.

These are the kinds of people you ought to surround yourself with: people who will motivate you to do better because they’re already doing better themselves, rather than basking in the bliss of people who constantly praise you and tell you how great you are because they are comfortable with playing in the local leagues and expect nothing more from you.

For me, the most fundamental and important thing about building yourself is to have the humility to continue to receive feedback from people ahead of you (even those behind) and to try to do greater things each day, or get better at what you’re already doing. And while you do, ensure that you make it your key responsibility to help others do better or get better. Individuality kills, so make sure that you don’t forget to build a community of amazing people like yourself because we rise by lifting others.

With love,