Dear Entrepreneur,

There will be obstacles along the way. There will be doubters around you, and their voices will be loud. There will be mistakes and failures as well, so brace yourself because your doubters will use them to prove their point. But with hard work, a deep passion, and of course, humility, there will be no limits to where you’ll go.

So if you’re willing to put in the work required despite how many times you will fall, then do not impose any limit on yourself, because you’ll certainly get there. If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant to us. If we did not sometimes experience adversity, prosperity would not be so relished.

Over time, many entrepreneurs find their passion for the business fade away. Long hours, demanding schedules, internal conflicts, and work-life imbalance are likely to contribute to a sense of loss. Expect your passion to wane, because you’re only human. But don’t ignore the situation. The moments of doubt will make you appreciate the moments of unbridled joy even more.

With love,