Dear Entrepreneur,

Even with the best intentions to stay on task, we find ourselves scrolling through social media when we should be working. We’ve all been there. We can’t help but grab our phone the very moment we hear the notification. When we aren’t checking our phones every five minutes, we begin to worry we might be missing something important. When running a business, distractions seem impossible to avoid. A typical entrepreneur is interrupted at least once every eight minutes. “How can I take back control of my time and attention?”

Well, for me, I start by creating a working environment in which I’m less tempted to get preoccupied with something else other than the work I’m doing. This may be quite difficult to achieve since the work I do is on a computer when my biggest distractions are enabled by the use of an Internet-connected computer. So, I use a website blocker app to prevent wandering to websites that would take all my time without getting anything done.

Having a long list of things to do can make you feel overwhelmed and insurmountable. We often give up before we even start, and then we give in to distractions easily. You can stop this from happening by reducing the workload—instead, give yourself three objectives to accomplish every day.

With love,