Dear Entrepreneur,

Eliminate the bad habits. We all know those bad habits that are holding us back from achieving our goals. Are you over-promising? Are you scared of taking risks? Are you failing to delegate, or are you micromanaging? Are you being reactive instead of proactive? Are you worrying too much about money? Are you never taking time off, or are you focusing on too much at once?

We all know those bad habits we are guilty of—bad habits that stifle our progress and get in the way of our hopes and dreams. If you are intent on achieving anything worthwhile with your business, you need to stamp out those bad habits that hold you back. The fact or truth is that eliminating bad habits is a very difficult thing to achieve, except you can find a reason that’s much stronger than the bad habit itself—that’s the easiest way to overcome them.

But I have to let you know that it doesn’t happen quickly or painlessly, but don’t let that deter you from trying to eliminate them. It will happen slowly, and over time. But the silver lining is that eliminating your bad habits, no matter how long it takes, finally helps you to illuminate a pathway for eventually reaching your goals.

With love,