Dear Entrepreneur,

Someone recently reached out to sell his business idea to me, simply because he didn’t have enough money to pursue it. Immediately, he came across to me as someone who can’t be an entrepreneur, because entrepreneurs always have the motivation and self-discipline to make it on their own (if required), against all odds, in the midst of challenges, and when there is little to no certainty that they will succeed.

But how do you know that you’ve got what it takes to be one?

Well, are you ready to start your own company and put in the work to make your idea happen? Is there this burning inside of you—this strong desire to keep executing your idea until you succeed? Do you want to set your own hours to work on what you want, when you want to, instead of working on someone’s clock?

If your answers to these questions are “yes”, then you certainly got what it takes.

As an entrepreneur, you must be self-disciplined and self-motivated. However, to succeed, you have to also know when to log off your computer, put down your phone, and ignore those emails until the next day. You need to know how to balance work and life, to avoid burning out.

Yes, you’re building the next big thing, but you can’t do so if you don’t take care of yourself first.

With love,