Dear Entrepreneur,

Make time for friends, because it can make you feel less stressed, and perhaps perform better at the work that you do, and even live longer. When you surround yourself with friends, family, and loved ones, your brain produces a hormone that can help lower your blood pressure and increase your productivity.

Studies have found that a lack of social relationships is comparable to smoking in its negative health effects. Studies also found that people when climbing a hill, estimated the steepness of the hill to be sharper than those who climbed the same hill with friends.

So, create and maintain a friendly work environment that promotes teamwork—it reduces or eliminates stress in your employees and team members. This helps them build confidence and easily manage business challenges when they’re encountered.

In a nutshell, be part of a tribe. Be part of a core community. Surround yourself with amazing people who encourage and motivate you, and your entrepreneurial journey will be much easier than when or if you isolate yourself.

With love,