Dear Entrepreneur,

You don’t get a participation trophy or certificate for being an entrepreneur.


You don’t even get a pat on your back for showing up, maneuvering successfully through the ups and downs, or even doing your job as an entrepreneur, because that’s the bare minimum that’s expected of you. Many successful entrepreneurs that I’ve met, spent an incredibly short amount of time celebrating their wins, and before you can say a word, they’re already on to the next big thing.

In fact, some of them didn’t even celebrate at all.

The truth is that: if you require constant validation and approval for the work that you do, or if you get easily unmotivated or discouraged when people aren’t blowing your trumpet and singing songs of praise of how great you are, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you. You don’t get a gold star for doing your job as an entrepreneur. However, it’s your job to keep it moving, whether or not, you’re being acknowledged for the sleepless nights and the unending hours of work.

With love,