Dear Entrepreneur,

You’ve got to have thick skin. Not everyone will agree with your decision to become an entrepreneur, especially close friends and family members. And when you allow their negative opinions to sway you or easily influence your decisions, you’ll find yourself stopping even before you get started.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be making hundreds of life-changing business decisions every week, so if you constantly second guess yourself based on the opinions of others, you will have an impossibly difficult time running your business, and this will make you end up miserable.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take advice or receive feedback, but if you’ve got the passion to own your own business and your dream is to someday build something that will outlive you, then stay away from people trying to talk you out of it.

Aside from the hundreds of rejections, you’ll get from investors, people will tell you:
“Your ideas are too far-fetched.”
“This is not possible for you to do.”

Learn to develop an incredibly thick skin, and let that stuff they say, just roll off your back. Always believe in yourself and in what you’re building.

With love,