Dear Entrepreneur,

Stay curious. “Stick to what you know” is a strict school of thought in many entrepreneurship circles. After living that for many years, I’ve come to believe just the opposite. By keeping your mind open to new ideas and embracing novelty, you make opportunities for yourself.

By exposing yourself to a multitude of businesses and products, your scope expands. Conversely, if you always have your blinders on, your perspective becomes too narrow and you miss out on promising opportunities.

When my twin and I started PRAYHoUSe in 2013, people didn’t understand why we had decided to use technology as a tool to help people pray properly. This was because we had just exited a social networking startup company, LAGbook, for good money, and they expected us to venture into something similar or within the media space.

They felt we had no domain knowledge and thus, no idea of what we were doing, but then PRAYHoUSe became profitable instantly with over $10,000 in monthly profit and was acquired four months after inception.

Take the time to learn about new ideas or even entirely new businesses. By staying open and curious, you’ll continue to thrive and grow in today’s disruptive era. Don’t limit yourself.

Experts were once learners.

With love,