Dear Entrepreneur,

You see, when things go wrong, you have to understand that the blame is 100% on you, and you alone. Everything that goes wrong in your business is your fault, and it’s something that comes with the “Founder/CEO” title. It’s just part of the gig of being an entrepreneur.

When we launched our social networking website, LAGbook, 11 years ago, everything worked as planned—even better. The traction was insane, and we were so excited for the future. But one day, while migrating to a new server, something went wrong in our database, and we lost the passwords of all our thousands of users. My co-founder and I knew it was our fault that this happened.

Sure, technically, it was a collective effort from everyone on the team, but it was our company, and ultimately our product, so it was our fault. We received tons of emails and messages from pissed-off users, all within hours, venting their frustration trying to assess their accounts. We were forced to stay up all night, troubleshooting, in order to fix the problem, even when the rest of our team went to bed.

The bottom line is that you’re accountable for the success and failure of your business. It’s your job to figure it out, and when you don’t, hold no scapegoat, because it’s all your fault.

With love,