Dear Entrepreneur,

I know it may sound strange, but “value” is subjective. I’m not trying to say that value can be anything, or that value is relative, or that there isn’t any thing as “real value”.


What I’m trying to say is that “value is in the eyes of the beholder”.

It is important that, as an entrepreneur, we don’t determine what value is, especially to our customers. It’s the job of our customers to tell us what they believe has value, and it’s our job as entrepreneurs to figure out how we can offer that to them.

“I think this will be of huge value to my customers.”
“I think they will love what I’m building.”
“I think this is the next big thing.”

These will only waste your time if you don’t, for sure, ask the customers, what they think. In a nutshell, if your thoughts as an entrepreneur don’t align with the thoughts of your customers, you may end up building something nobody wants.

With love,