Dear Entrepreneur,

Never expect results too soon. You see, the media loves to cover “overnight” successes, and it’s very easy to watch or read one of these breathtaking stories and start comparing yourself to that success. But then, if you start digging behind these so-called overnight success stories, you’ll discover that they were not overnight, even in the slightest. In fact, these success stories actually took many years of work, grinding hard, and endless effort. So, my recommendation for you is to understand that success takes time.

I know a lot of people who quit their entrepreneurial journey after a few months or even refused to get started because they think that the entrepreneurial world isn’t right for them. But in reality, they probably were very close to that turning point where things were about to start growing. I remember when my twin and I started the social network, LAGbook, in April 2010. We had our first 30,000 registered users within 6 months, and with that same growth curve, we estimated to have 180,000 registered users after 3 years.

But that wasn’t the case.

In 3 years, we had one million registered users, and we got acquired.

Imagine if we gave up after the 30,000 user-mark, simply because the growth was too shabby?

With love,