Dear Entrepreneur,

Try to clock out. I know that it’s extremely challenging to turn off your entrepreneurial mind because your business is often all that you think about. I admit that the motivation you’ve got is a good thing and something that you should be excited about.

However, it isn’t good when you forget to spend quality time with your friends and family.

It’s even worse when you continue to think about your business when you hang out with them. So, you’ve got to set time boundaries. They are so important, and since you’re your own boss, it’s simply up to you to implement and abide by the time boundaries that you set.

When you’re working, you should be completely present in the work that you do. But, when the day is over, you should and must check out, mentally. You can check in back once you have spent some quality time with the people that are important in your life, and this includes yourself. So, you should also take care of your physical health, as well as your mental health, because if you don’t, your work will suffer, inevitably.

With love,