Dear Entrepreneur,

Most entrepreneurs, when starting their business, don’t have a ton of resources at their disposal. Can you afford the software to make your job easier and faster? Can you automate those daily routines, so you can spend more of your time doing the important stuff? Or do you have very limited financial and human resources that you have to adopt the low-cost methods and do a lot of tasks yourself, manually?

From web hosting to web design, you might have to use shared hosting and “not the best” user interface, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If the first version of your product doesn’t embarrass you, then you have launched your product too late. Most entrepreneurs cringe when they look back at the early versions of their products, the early business decisions they made, and the early methods they use to do their work.

My advice to you would be: “Work with what you have, start from where you are, and eventually, you will build a successful business, one day at a time.” The truth is that: “No matter what stage your business is, even if you’re in the growth or scaling stage, everything you will do won’t be right, because each day, we keep learning something new about the work that we do.”

Just do it. That’s the only way you move forward.

With love,