Dear Entrepreneur,

Absorb everything around you. When it comes to the things that you have to do with your entrepreneurial goals, be a sponge. Listen to everything others have to say, including your family, friends, experts, and even yourself. Write things down as you learn—keep notes from every resource that you come across. This will help you develop a more detailed plan as you continue to work out your business ideas in your head.

When you speak to people about your business, pay attention to their body language.

Do they like your idea?
Are they just trying to be nice, and really think you’re going in the wrong direction?

When you tell people about your startup, encourage them to be honest with you with their feedback. Their honest opinion could be a reflection of how your customers will react to your product offering.

Whatever you do, don’t ever ignore the power of advice from experts and veteran entrepreneurs, because these are people who know first-hand what does and doesn’t work. You don’t have to learn only from your mistakes. It’s more inexpensive to learn from the mistakes other entrepreneurs have made.

With love,