Dear Entrepreneur,

Countless people have dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but many never did, because they are burdened with so many excuses, including the fear of failing. You can make a million and one excuses for not starting that business you’ve always wanted to start. The excuses could range from money to time, to responsibilities, and so on. The truth is that: if you don’t address your excuses, you’ll never run dry of them.

I know that it’s crazy scary to be your own boss. There are just too many uncertainties to it. In most cases, new entrepreneurs have a lot to lose, with very little insight into their chances of success, so worrying about the risks of owning a business is very normal. During the early stages of being an entrepreneur, many wonder if they are entrepreneurs or simply unemployed, because they often run dry of money, with no idea how to forge ahead.

But there are a lot of success stories, and if you want to be one of them, then excuses will only slow you down from reaching that goal. If you really want to be an entrepreneur, then you need to face your fears and excuses, and get rid of them. Entrepreneurs are solution finders, so here’s your first challenge: find a solution to your excuses, rather than letting them hold you back.

With love,