Dear Entrepreneur,

Rather than starting your business idea with what you can sell, think about what you can solve. In other words, be the solution. It’s much easier to gain a solid user base when your business is fixing a problem, or in other words, offering a solution.

In a nutshell, your business should fill a big hole in a certain niche or market.

Don’t create software simply because you have a passion for software, or you’re capable of creating one. Create software because you’ve identified a growing issue that you can solve adequately, if not completely.

Have you done some market research?
Is your solution easy-to-use and affordable?

Think hard and long about why you’re starting your own business. Understand clearly your motives, because this will help you to create a strong brand and easily market your business. 
 Know what problems your target customers face.

Then, figure out how you can help them solve these problems.

Don’t sell. Solve.

With love,