Dear Entrepreneur,

Let me start this letter by saying “Congratulations!”

I’m not congratulating you for the success of your business, but for finding the courage to abandon a steady paycheck for a 9-to-5 job, and venturing into the uncertain world of business ownership with no guarantee of your personal income, especially in the first few months and years of your company’s existence.

You might have said goodbye to a good-paying job, or even your lucrative career. And you might not have the luxury of a backup plan, like resuming your previous job in case things don’t go as well as you planned in your independent business.

If nobody has ever patted you on the back and said, “You’re a superhuman”, let me be the first, because you’ve taken a path that keeps you working round the clock, losing personal relationships, and with no guarantee of success—leaving you busy, and unable to secure or sustain an alternative line of income.

You’re a superhuman for taking the hard route.
You’re a superhuman for choosing an alternative lifestyle.
You’re a superhuman for being an entrepreneur because the choice is often a risky plunge.

With love,