Dear Entrepreneur,

Control yourself.
Control your mind.
Control your state.

And then, you’ll inevitably control the outcome. When you’re faced with an obstacle or challenge, it’s important to remain open, calm, and in a positive problem-solving state.

Because, it’s only then, would the answers come floating your way.

Whenever something goes wrong, and you begin to freak out and take the stress out on those around you, those same people around you, will respond the same way back, and the whole situation would escalate in front of you. When you encounter problems and you start blaming other people, guess what?

They are going to start blaming you too.

Never forget that “whatever comes at you, is what’s coming from you.” So, give out positive energy, and you’ll get positive energy in return. Like they say, “You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.”

With love,